My blog is not getting indexed.

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My blog is not getting indexed, this is the first time that I have faced such an issue and am unable to find out why it is not indexing my Blog pages? Guys what should I check for to get my blog indexed?
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    Dropped Domain?
    Put Google Analytics code on your blog, it'll be definitely indexed.

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      How long has it been? Sometimes it can take weeks for a site to be indexed for whatever strange reason. Only thing you can do is build build build backlinks, articles, comments, signatures, press releases, blogs ...etc..etc
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    Try to get some backlinks from high authority websites.

    You can also get contextual links from high PR aged domains which
    you can buy yourself from the expired domain market.
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    Does it a free blog aur your own domain blog? Have yoiu purchased old domain or new? is there any penalty on the domian? what does webmaster tools says? Does you have unque content? For how long it is live? all these questions came into my mind after reading your concern
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    You should submit your blog on high pr blog submission sites. And also try to make some other effective links from high authorized site. And then wait for sometime, this will definitely work.
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    We need more information. Is it a dropped domain? How long since the first page was indexed? How many pages are we talking about? What backlinks have you built so far?
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    Have you ever tried Bookmark Wiz? I've always been indexed within hours with that.
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    If your blog has been recently launched, this could be natural because your portal is trying to get established over the net and even if the Googlebot hits your server almost everyday and even takes snapshots of the contents, but proper indexing may not occur for some time. Try doing the recommended tasks and at the same time remain patient for a while. Addition of fresh contents to your blog and building links for that can be suggested, for all blogs regardless of domains ages.

    If you have Analytics installed on your website, access the data on a constant basis and at the same time do not forget to check out your AwStats and server logs to figure out how search engines like Google reach your pages. Usually, there is nothing to worry about in most cases and in most cases the young websites would get affected by such temporary indexing drops and page visit decreases. As you site gets bigger and with more links, it will get established online too.
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    Have you done anything with the blog? Or have you just made it and haven't done anything with it?

    A really quick way to get indexed, assuming there are no problems with the domain, is submit an article to ezinearticles. That should get you indexed in like an hour, day at most.
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    Getting listed in the search engines can take some time without the right methods. Use this technique to get your blog indexed as fast as possible.

    feed submission
    search engine submission
    Pinging a blog
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    Show your blog first
    then i will reply to you.
    what is the problem?
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    What about those contents? are write by own or just copy paste? coll, submit your site map with google and do post with blog directories.
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    if your blog is a new one, it is very common, maybe it is still in test period by google.
    if it happens suddenly, you can check the content quality in your blog, are they full of copy ones? are their quality lower than before? do you lower the update frequency?
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    You can bookmark your blog on popular social bookmarking site like digg, delicious, reddit, stumble in order to index your blog.
    Pinging also an good option to index your blog in couple of hours
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    Originally Posted by mosesaaron View Post

    My blog is not getting indexed, this is the first time that I have faced such an issue and am unable to find out why it is not indexing my Blog pages? Guys what should I check for to get my blog indexed?
    Without knowing the URL you'll only get people guessing what the problem is.

    Believe it or not I've seen a few people on this forum include the NOINDEX tag in their header & then ask why they can't get their pages indexed.

    That's the first thing I would check...
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    If you are using wordpress as your site management agent.Check setting and check the option to allow search engine to reach you.
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    for your blog - all in one seo pack; XML sitemaps; and ensure perm links on set to article title ; ping ; [also see; and list of all ping sites ; ADD THIS LIST to your wordpress blog for "autoping" - every post = pings all ] ;

    BUT - if you have a new domain; or using certain keywords ; you might end up in the Google "sandbox" for "bad boys". It happens. Just be patient.

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