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Hi, how do you get links if you have a very small or specific niche. My example is that I have site about Global Management Challenge, which is a worldwide competition in strategic management. However there are only about 5 sites about it (most of them old without any activity) + organizers sites.

Since I´m selling some stuff about the competion (legal of course, some tools, etc.) I can´t expect that the organizer will promote me.

How would you try to get links in this case and rank better than 30 organizers´ local websites for the main keywords?

Trying to get it from sites about management is quite obvious here. But they are kinda not interested in the competition since they dont play it (it is for university students).
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    Broaden the source of backlink pages/subjects with related keywords, example:
    • Leadership
    • People
    • Jobs
    • Business
    • Skills

    Search Google for the root keyword management, then click related search & grab the related keywords.

    Related searches for management:

    management definition
    management band
    management music
    management functions
    management abbreviation
    management vs leadership
    management theories
    people management
    management jobs
    management styles
    management movie
    business management
    management style
    management skills
    management games

    Use your keyword as anchor-text, example: management for your backlinks.
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    Use popular linkbuilding tools and services.

    For example, BuildMyRank, which is a private blog network in which you can create and post relevant content for backlinks to your website.

    Remember, there's never been an easier time to get effective backlinks as there are today. In fact, its crazy how many good services there are today compared to several years ago.
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    You can also offer to guest post on blogs in return for a link.

    "While tacit knowledge appears to be simple, it has far reaching consequences and is not widely understood."

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    You can write articles that link to your site.
    Offer to guest post on the sites that you have suggested.
    Look at other sites that may not be directly based within your niche but are similar and get links from them.
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    Even if your selected niche is very specific with only a few sites currently related to the subject, you can make use of techniques like writing articles and submitting them to directories, choosing the tags and keywords you can personally select or using directories which more or less contain topics about the matter. You can also add a new blog to your website and the published materials can be liked by other readers, adding links to your site from their newly created pages.

    Even if niches are accessed by a only a few readers, selection of the right anchors can always be of great help, for example, about your website, if you list your site on directories about management and even commercial sectors and use the primary keywords, after a while you will notice improvements in your rankings because anchors are still extremely important in current SEO world. You may also think about producing a video and submit it to the portals and channels like YouTube.
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