Should I Be Using Various Author Names?

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I'm starting to market a site using article submission. Is there any downside to publishing all the articles under the same name or should I set up different author profiles?

Thanks in advance.
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    Not quite understanding what you mean. Article submissions? Submited by who? Users or you? See if the articles are yours then why change the author name? Now if the articles are submited by users of your site then they should be able to put their names in the Author field. But never is a good idea to fake something. Then you are setting up a disaster as sooner or later readers will find out Authors are fake. Loyal readers like to follow authors and once they see they are not posting more articles it will raise a flag.

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      Thanks Manny. I'm referring to articles I've written and am submitting to directories such as EzineArticles, etc. linking back to my site.
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    If you're writing good quality articles, then use the same name.
    If your articles are poorly spun and have poor content, then use different names.
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      if that is the case the use your name or create a name and always use the same that way you can brand yourself as an author.

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    If you are publishing the same content (poorly spun), or only publishing articles linking to the same site, use different names and accounts on the article publishing sites.
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      Don't confuse marketing and getting links. If you're truly trying to market your site using real article marketing, then pick a single name and use it.

      I'd highly recommend going to the main forum and search for everything by Alexa Smith, MYOB, TPW. They will teach what article marketing really means.

      If all you're talking about is submitting articles for backlinks, then it doesn't matter.

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    If you're trying to "market" the website, i.e generate awareness and NOT link build, then by all means use the same name.

    If you're link building or a mixture of both, then use a different name.

    Think about it like this: The idea behind writing these articles, is to show Google that people are actively talking about your website and products. If you use the same author name, what does that tell Google? That only 1 person, is writing about the same stuff over and over again.

    The same can be said for submission date. If you submit say 20 articles, every Monday, it wouldn't be difficult for Google to spot the pattern and discredit the links.

    Hope that helps
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      Thanks RealMaverick, that's makes sense.
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        I agree with @realmaverick. If you are doing certain niche marketing and trying to achieve authority in this niche then of course you brand one name. But if you do the article submission in bulk, trying to get traffic for any niche then I suggest you to definitely switch accounts.

        Article directories can ban your accounts and you will lose all article, but when you use multiple accounts then you are playing smart and not laying your eggs in one basket.
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    If you know how to write a good article, sign it by tour name. That will cause that people will recognize you as a person, and will trust you
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