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On google keywords, I have found search terms that are labelled as low. When I download the data, they range from a 0 to 0.9. Wouldn't that rationalize out to mean that if I targeted the keywords that have competition of 0, that I would rank quickly?

So far that hasn't happened. :rolleyes:
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    I'm assuming you are looking at the "Competition" column in Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKT).

    This column does NOT tell you the competition for RANKING for a keyword, it is telling you the competition for bidding on that keyword for Adwords.

    This is a VERY common mistake people make with their keyword research.

    Have a look at the 3 biggest keyword research mistakes for more detail.
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    Yes, the above answer is correct. However I do find that sometimes the two correlate. But you still have to work with your on page SEO and backlinks. Keep on working! You will get there.
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      Ok, so then where do you recommend to find more precise keyword competition?

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    Pick up a copy of Market Samurai, it is not the quickest keyword research tool available but you can use the keyword portion of this software for free and it gives you a lot of really good information.

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    Most competition ratings are for ad's and not organics.
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    The best keyword research tool in my opinion is Rank Tracker by Link Assistant. It provides you with the same data as Google Adwords Keyword Tool + much more! And, it calculates the efficiency index for each keyword.

    BTW, there is a training video that describes how to do keyword research using Rank Tracker:

    SEO PowerSuite training videos
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    Yes that "competition" column is competition for Adwords for advertisers to determine how many paid Ad competitors that kw has

    has nothing to do with the competition for the kw on search

    I agree Market Samurai is the only one I use for that
    Traffic travis is IMO a weak imitation that wont pull up the backlinks many times
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    • The competition column in the Google Adwords Keywords Tools show the data of advertisers who are bidding on those keywords.

      If you want to check real competition for your keywords then go to and search for your keyword. You will find something like below on Google SERP.

      About 5,270,000 results (0.20 seconds)

      In this example keyword X has 5,27,000 competitors.

      But to find the exact competition (who are targeting the exact phrase you are targeting) search your keyword using quote mark like "Keyword" and then look at the numbers.

      The lower the number the lower the competition is.
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    Although that might be the case I sometimes find that the two can be used in place of each other as sometimes and most of the time they carry the same meaning.
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