Does anyone successfully rank sites using Fiverr?

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Hi all - I have been working through my backlink strategy, I am seeing what items I can outsource through fiverr.

But this raises the question - is anyone *successfully* ranking pages while using fiverr as the primary backlinking source?

I don't want to waste my time, but it seems like for $30 you can get some gov/edu blog posts, a press release submission, a doc sharing submission, a rss submission blast and maybe something else. Seems good right?

So let's hear about it - who has been successful with Fiverr link building?
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    Not go for cheap you will never get good result try professional SEO company.
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    Hi, you should read first the customer's reviews on a Fiverr gig that you want to order.

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      Great replies guys.

      *palm forehead*
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    No, because I haven't used that fiverr thing.
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    I have had good success ranking with Gigs on Fiverr, but my competition is pretty weak and my website is optimized properly with all on page SEO factors
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      The problem with fiverr gigs is that many of the services you hire are not really as good as they advertise.

      Take for example article submissions, you may buy a gig for a 1,000 article directory submission, but you will then see zero links in Yahoo, even after a month or, you may just start seeing some backlinks popping up, it all depends on the provider, you have to try and narrow down your fiver guys to the ones who have the highest ratings and read the reviews to look for people that do not just say thank you, but who go into details about what the service did for them.

      I like to use some of the fiverrs that do spinning and submission of articles, as these links tend to show up more, also bookmarkings, as well as facebook likes etc. If you niche is not very competitive and your site is well optimized, chances are that a couple of gigs will give you a good initial kick in your rankings.

      But if you require more firepower fiverr will hardly be enough, you will need more consistent and solid link building.
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    for the best result you should consult the professional SEO or if you want to know more about the ranking than please follow the link or call on this 9820937711.
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    Fiverr Backlinks are a total junk. Other services are just ok .. like social bookmarking but nothing to write home about.
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    Like anything, it depends on the service and the service provider. I have purchased things on Fiverr that did better than things I purchased elsewhere for almost $100 dollars (exact same service).

    If you have someone who has a good reputation for what they are promising to provide on fiverr... GO FOR IT!

    Do one thing at a time to see how it works though. If you do a bunch at once, you won't know which one worked and which one didn't.

    And off the subject of but related to backlinks, I found that writing one or two quality articles on and, got me over 4000 syndications which helped my backlinking for the long term and got me clients in the short term directly.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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