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Those that use BMR how much do you vary your anchor text for a keyword that you want to rank for? So for example I want to rank my homepage for "dog training collars" which is also an EMD for the same keyword.

So if I submit 25 posts to rank or move up the SERPs for that keyword what percentage should I use "dog training collars" as the anchor text in those 25 posts? And if I need to vary it do I still use the base keyword and just add an extra word at the front or end of the keyword I want to rank...i.e. best dog training collars, dog training collars guide, etc?

Or just use a new variation all together for like 20% of the anchor text like "dog collars", "pet training collar", etc.?

Any feedback?
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    I don't follow a specific % but generally I used the main keyword about 30-50% most of the time. As variation of the anchor text I just used 2-3 secondary keywords, not necessary with prefix or suffix.
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    Mix it up
    although I have found sites generally put like 80% exact match
    Dog training collars

    I did see one site that had tons of high PR backlinks and could easily be number one except
    100% of their anchor text was the same phrase
    I think google hit them for that

    If it were me I would go a variation

    Dog Training collars 60-70%
    Dog Training Collars (add word) 5%-10% Example Dog Training Collars discounts
    (add word) Dog Training Collars 5%-10% Example Guard Dog Training Collars

    Then mix in a lot of miscellaneous backlinks
    without the kw in the backlink
    Click here
    or you can also add here some misc words that are LSI words like
    Dog Training
    Pet Stores
    How to Train your Dog
    Obedience Pet Schools

    etc etc etc , I would do that about 10-15% of the backlinks

    As long as it is mixed up I have not seen google penalize it
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    If I were you and need to rank for dog training collars then I would have done this:

    20 posts: dog training collars
    5 posts: 2ndary keyword

    While using BMR, try to give more focus on only one keyword at a time. This have been working nice for me.

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    This is a really good question because I'm about to start with bmr shortly and wanted to know the best technique to use. I think 80/20 keyword vs related keyword is optimal. Thanks.
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