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Dear Warriors,

I am new to SEO and I understand that is the best domain name but unfortunately .com and .org are both taken for my niche.

Available for my niche is and resulting in a 100% keyword density. After doing some research on .biz and .info I realized that both have negative aspects associated with them.

As I want to rank well in the niche of childcare (this is not exactly my keyword but the topic is associated with childcare) I figured that the wrong choice of the domain extension might kill my business as we are talking about children here and people are sensitive here.

The question now is, weather it is better to do a, b or c:

a. (100% keyword density) which is associated with business and probably wont be trusted, clicked and viewed a lot by my future readers

b. (100% keyword density) which is often associated with spam and again probably not the best choice

c. choose a prefix such as "e" or "i", lose some key word density (91%) but instead buy a ".com" (e.g.: domain and benefit from traffic and trust at the end.

What do you think? Am I overthinking the interpretation of .biz and .info? Should I have a exact match of the key word and have the .biz / .info or is it better to have phrase match domain name but have .com as extension?

I personally am guessing is my best choice, as in the area of childcare the .info will be seen more positively as .biz, however should I give up the exact match and go with or because .com is more common, trusted and liked by the users?

What effect will my choice will have on ranking, my business?

Please help, I want to make sure I do the right steps as I am a baby in the SEO business and think that children are a sensitive topic to make mistakes. Therefore I should be more careful with the domain name choice...

Thank you and Regards,

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    IMO it doesnt matter
    the domain name is not that important
    I have a competitor in my new niche ranking 1,2 for about 300 kws, thats a LOT
    the reason he ranks is not his domain name. So how in the world can he do this on so many kws?
    backlinks pure and simple, he out backlinks his competitors

    domain name has nothing to do with it
    find kws that have LOW backlinks on the top 3 on google competition
    then go for those kws
    choose the kws based on the competition

    dont waste time obsessing with domain names, they are meaningless , unless you are talking about branding

    EMD (exact match) domains, give you a very slight boost in the search rankings, but not enough IMO to make it worth searching for them. Besides how many kws can you get a boost for on one domain by buying the EMD? only one

    who targets only one kw per domain? not me , thats for sure
    Tech article writing .Native English Speaker(with Proof)
    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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      Thank you outwest,

      since I dont really now yet what I am doing I am going for one domain name and one key word. I am doing the 30 days challenge by Ed Dale therefore I simply am following his instructions for now without doubting

      Thank you for your response
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    Better think of a catchy brand name instead of a keyword domain name. People will remember your brand, and you'll get some extra direct traffic. If you think of a great unique brand, .com, .org or .net will be available.

    Though there are no exact proofs that .biz or .info hurt rankings - in fact many guys here claim they're successful with them - some users might be bias against them. So if you're serious about your website, think

    An exact keyword match in your domain is just a tiny aspect that influences your rankings. Agree with outwest, think of building backlinks and expand your keyword list.
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