Strange Site Activity? Advice Wanted!

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So I have one particular site that's about 3 months old, and its ranking top 3 for about 4 or 5 keywords. There is lots of fresh competition (all around the same age as my site lol) but I'm ahead of the pack.
This morning I check my stats as I always do, and I see regular adsense earnings, identical rankings. When I check awstats for traffic I see a 20% increase! Something fishy here so I look to see where it came from.
A few social bookmarks, a few blog comments and article directories....

and a whole mess of poker, casino and porn sites from russia!!!

Wtf? :confused: :confused: how did these sites get a direct link to my site on them? I have made every single link to my sites myself, including all the BMR posts and I assure you I certainly didn't put links on a russian porn site lol

So, no extra clicks occurred, but now I'm afraid of google banning me for 'risk of invalid clicks'. What should I do, or am I just paranoid? Is this normal?

Lastly, if you were a russian looking at porn, wtf would you click a link on coffee makers for? That's just bizarre
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