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I've got some articles on the likes of EZA, IdeaMarketers, Squidoo, and others and I've just learned how to ping them. Should I just ping them once and leave them alone or should I go back periodically and re-ping?

And, by the way, how come my title never shows up as bold?

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    My mentor says ping immediately after you add or create anything and ping every 3 days.

    BTW, The title looks bold to me.
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    First of all, anyone that tells you not to ping right away is talking nonsense. Matt Cutts talks about this in his Septemeber live web feed. He even advises people to use sites and plugins for wordpress that ping Google and other ping sites.

    Pinging is telling Google "Hey I've just published something". And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The reason Google did this is likely to take the strain off processing XML maps and users having to update them every so often in order for spiders to find their content.

    On a side note it's also possible to do fatpinging which sends content along with the ping to avoid other sites ripping your content and claiming it as theirs.
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    As long you have posting new article, changes on your article and so on . You can ping it immediately.
    Do not ping the same thing frequently, just ping those new update and new post .
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    I don't find any benefit in pinging search engine for crawling the same content (published on other sites). It neither going to improve the ranking of your published content nor the ranking of your website.

    The only thing that I can figure out is, with repeated pinging, Google will discover your backlinks (if they are dofollow) again and again and hence accelerate the crawling of your own website.

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      There is no specific limit defined for pinging. But make sure always try to ping new content. There is no reason to ping those pages which are already crawled.
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