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Looking for some help from fellow warriors...

I have been using Microsoft Adcenter for a while now and it works cooler than Adwords. I used the successful campaigns from Adwords on Adcenter too. Most of them got a quality score of 8-10 in adwords, but on adcenter its like 2-3 max.

The status shows 'Good' and 'No problem' for keyword relevance and landing page relevance resp. but landing page user experience is 'poor' for all of my keywords. Also for the first 1-2 days after my ad goes live, I was getting fair amount of impressions and clicks, but when QS is calculated and put into place, there's considerable drop in impressions, like 1000 impressions per day to mere 100 or so..Ad positions remains the same. So it may be because of low quality score my ads dropped in impressions just like adwords..

I used a handful of websites with adcenter. All of them are Wordpress sites with an average theme and no ads at all. This is one of the site I used: BetaReviewZone

I would like to know how can I improve my quality score. Is it something to do with site navigation and all?

Also a question for fellow adcenter users - Whats your average QS with adcenter and what all tweaks you will make with a website to maximize QS when using with adcenter?

hope someone will help
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    would appreciate your inputs.... Any adcenter user here?

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    The basic principle of QS on both system is the same. Most of it is CTR. There's also keyword relevance, landing page relevance and landing page quality. Any of these will affect your QS. And lower QS has less chance to be displayed hence lower number of impressions. It really is as simple as that.

    Checking your site, I'd say you suffer from what Adwords calls bridge page which is the source of your poor landing page user experience. Bing doesn't call it bridge page but it's in there in the Adcenter rules and guidelines. Adcenter and Adwords are more alike than most people think.
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    Thanx for your suggestion. However I am unclear about what is so called bridge page. I thought it was a page with very less content and built solely for the purpose of sending visitors to another site.

    Let me talk about this post in particular:

    BetaReviewZone ยป Teds Woodworking Plans

    Its a review article got from the product owner. As u can see, I have linked to CB salespage on 3 places. 2 hyperlinks and the main product image. So if I remove these links, then will it qualify as a "non bridge page" ?

    And I remember I have used similar "review type" sites for Adwords campaigns too which eventually resulted in permanent suspension. Reason being quoted was "bridge page". So now I need to learn more about what they call as bridge pages and overcome the issues and hopefully start again with Adwords..

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    A bridge page is a page from one sales page to another sales page. You probably don't consider your page a sales page but that's just semantics I guess. If you have a link that says "download ted's woodworking plans", the next page I see better be where I download those plans and that's not what I see when I click it.
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    Wow. that makes some sense to me. Thank you very much. So can u pls tell what type of content should I be using on site to qualify as a non bridge page? It will be really helpful for PPC newbies like me

    And just noticed you provide Adwords Management Services. Thats good to hear. I am glad that I am seeking help from the right person..

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    Glad I can help but I don't think you quite get it yet. It's not about the content. It will be considered a bridge page if you have links, exactly like you have, going from your own sales page to your affiliate's sales page. Content is fine. Your link is going to the wrong place.
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