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Does anyone have any advice for getting a flash site ranked?
Is it even possible nowadays?

Would just off page stuff work like backlinks from videos, article, bookmarking...etc work?

Does online optimization work at all? If so what?

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    If its complete flash site its very difficult to rank higher you should get lots of backlinks for your site. I would prefer to go with flash header and then content should be normal html
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    Don't make your site fully flash or support by flash. Because if unable to done anything with your onsite SEO and you only can work on offsite SEO which is nearly impossible to get high rank because Google hard to found keywords and related content in your website.
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    Making a complete flash website is not good from on page optimization view.
    I think you should use JQuery instead to get flash functionalties.
    By this way you will be able to optimize your website in a better manner.
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    Well, google does not hate flash websites... Their spiders just find it hard to crawl other content media like videos and images flash websites.

    Spiders can crawl textual content in SWF files of all kinds. This includes Flash "gadgets" such as buttons or menus, self-contained Flash websites, and everything in between.

    Although search engines are still in their infancy to read and understand flash. Furthermore, the amount of website in Flash are miniscule... so... neither they need to worry about crawling flash content.

    Its better that you make a text based website... than Flash based

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    Links today are doing wonders and you can still find some top-performing websites over the net, built primarily using the Flash technology and having great web ranks because of their authority linking status but generally speaking, it is better to stick with plans which nowadays are being recommended by the experts, like using HTML and CSS to develop websites and from time to time, making use of Flash artworks to decorate the pages, adding to their visual appeals.

    Today, by arriving on homepages of a lot of websites and commercial portals, you can find text contents, HTML tables, CSS DIV elements, along with a few blocks of Flash presentations which can be great to load on sites, they can catch attention of the visitors and elevating overall values of the sites. Although search engines have made great progress towards scanning contents which are projected via Flash, but in terms of SEO, sticking with the good old HTML is still valuable.
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    If your whole site is in flash, you need to work a lot on the offpage factors, ensure that you follow these steps.

    1. First of all make sure that you have a textual link navigation. Even if you have all the things in flash, always use text links for navigation. If that's not possible then you can always have a textual links at the bottom of each page, to ensure that every page gets crawled and gets the most link juice.

    2. Optimize your site structure like URLs. Use your keywords in the URLs.

    3. Write descriptive titles and description tags that include your primary keyword. Use unique title and description tags for each page.

    4. You need lots of backlinks, if you do not have any text on the webpages you'll need lots and lots of quality links. Get links from related and if possible links from authority sites from your niche.

    5. Social media - search engines have starting counting social media in their ranking signals. Get active on top social media sites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus etc.

    If you can follow these steps efficiently you may not need the onpage ones.
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    OP, the easiest way to get flash indexed by Google is to pull your flash data from a remote xml file.

    Google will read xml files all day long, since they are plain text.

    Google will see plain text (xml file), traffic will see flash.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      OP, the easiest way to get flash indexed by Google is to pull your flash data from a remote xml file.

      Google will read xml files all day long, since they are plain text.

      Google will see plain text (xml file), traffic will see flash.
      Best advice in the thread
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    make sure that if you using flash its not heavy and your loading time is not much high.
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    just create html site .. load the page in html, load flash on top of that.
    THis way people with flash disabled will still be able to read your contents... and (more importantly) so is google
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