Reasonable Fee to Charge for Written Articles?

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I am trying my hand in article marketing to make some quick cash to catch up with a few things and i am interested in launching my services in the warriors for hire section.

for someone without any reviews yet, how much per article would be a good and reasonable starting price?

say for a:

350 words
450 words
500 words

thanks in advance
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    any ideas guys. i guess i made the mistake of asking this during the slowing down period where most users are either asleep or about to be
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    I think $1-$1.25 for starting is a good price and it can attract customers for you because no one doesn't know how is your work. So its a good price for starting your work in my opinion.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    You'll get more answers in the main forum for a non-seo thread.

    If it was me, I would shop the competitions prices based on the same quality of content that you write/sell.
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    Red - I think it depends on the research you have to do and the keyword density. But if you are just marketing PLR that will be spun anyway, a way to get it off the ground is offering a pack of 5, say, for $5.00.

    Having said that, I tried fiver for awhile and realized I do not want to do the work it takes for a 350 word article for someone and only get paid $3.90 (after the fiverr fee). I'm a better writer than that. But I didn't know that I won't do fiverr till I tried it, got blasted with repeat gigs, and realized I was not spending my time well!

    Check out fiverr. Check out PLR sites. Check out Constent content and other sites I'm sure other warriors know about. Experiment a little and I think you will find your own right threshold of what to charge. I know I am still in the throes of figuring that out myself.

    Hope this helps.
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        Originally Posted by sales@plrarticlecontents View Post

        That is true, Private Label Rights articles will save you time and Money. In addition to this, you can edit Private Label Rights articles in order to make them unique..Its so easy to use Private Label Rights articles to create your own unique contents. I have used Private Label Rights articles to create a lot of unique contents before.
        You mentioned "Private Label Rights" 4 times in a single paragraph, lol.
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    The going rate for articles always seems to be around $0.01 per word. So $3.50 for a 350 word, $4.50 for a 450 word and $5.50 for a 500 word.
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    $1-2/100 words is a standard rate. If you believe you can write better, you can charge higher. And I think you will need to provide some free review copies for some reputable members.
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    $5 would be an absolute minimum per article. It depends on what you have done and what sort of clients you're dealing with.
    I currently have clients that pay between $10 and $30 per article.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Yeah, I'd aim a little higher than $1.50/article. I typically pay my writers $10-15/article with some bonuses giving writers as high as $50. But they have a background in space and astronomy - even PhDs.

    You might want to figure out a writing specialty, and then contact websites in that marketplace. You should be able to command a higher rate than be willing to take on any subject.

    I'm the publisher of Universe Today and co-founder of the Keyword Strategy content marketing tool.

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      There are a few factors that you should consider before establishing your price.

      1) Are you a native speaker of English?
      2) What is your highest level of education?
      3) How much is your time worth?

      Because I am a native speaker of English, and I personally hold a Master's Degree and professional certifications, I am able to charge between $7 and $15 per article.

      I have written thousands of articles since July alone for fellow Warriors, and constantly am booked. I have even had to turn away new clients because I have so many requests for articles.

      It all depends on the quality that you bring forth with your articles. The goal should be to gain as many repeat clients as possible.

      Make sure you have some sample articles prepared. You don't necessarily have to provide free review copies for others. Simply write a few samples, and start from there.
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    I started at only $1 per 500 words. I realized that was a cheap pay for an article writer. But, I didn't care since all I wanted was a job during that time.

    I think it's better to work on an hourly basis rather than working on rate per word. That's what experienced article writers say.
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    I think you need to be careful. Think about how long it takes you to research and write an article and what your earning goal is. That will tell you what niches you can except work in as well as how much work you can take on.

    If you take on too much work, you could put yourself in the situation where you will never have time to build and market your business to charge more. And if you charge too little, and you are the one writing the articles; you will get a lot of work, you will just struggle on how long it takes you to finish that work.

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