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Hello, I was wondering if I change my meta description will it affect my Google rankings if I am already ranked high for a particular keyword?
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    As long as you keep the target keyword in there you'll be fine

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    Google doesn't look at meta tags anymore - I wouldn't worry about it...

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      Originally Posted by bigcat1967 View Post

      Google doesn't look at meta tags anymore - I wouldn't worry about it...
      They look at them, but they do not rank sites from any description data.


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    Google ranking doesn't depends on meta tags, it basically for indexing and appearance on search results by being crawled by Google bots. If your built dofollow links are at there places then nothing will get affected.
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    Changing meta description will definitely change rankings depending on what you change it to.
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    if yif you change your meta description you will not loose your ranking and some affect in the ranking but not getting top ranking If you will write effective content and use keywords in the description than you will same change in the ranking.
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    Place keyword into your description and link also. If change in the keywords then the rankings will come down, description does not matter in this.
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    You've gotten a few contradictory answers here. I wouldn't worry about it to much, just keep your target keyword in there.

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    Google does not get affected by the changing of the meta does not affect on ranking either.but meta descriptions should be relevant and in the proper manner.
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    As you don't remove your targeted keyword from description, there will be no harm to your rankings

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    Meta descriptions are still important and when you take a look at web listings of websites on Google, the lines below titles would be filled with descriptions. Although the impacts on overall web rankings of websites might not seem to be very huge, but they would help people having a better idea about contents covered within pages. Sometimes search engines pick parts of contents to create descriptions and not using the ones provided by admins if they are duplicates.

    For instance, if you add similar descriptions to a lot of pages on your website, Google will take some excerpts from your content bodies and use them as descriptions. If you are satisfied with your current web ranks, you are recommended to leave descriptions and other parts of your website untouched. Sometimes even those minor matters may affect rankings of the pages. While adding fresh and very new contents to pages, in that case you may consider to provide newer descriptions.
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