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Ok, so I just signed up with aweber after building a list with 1shoppingcart for several years (25,000 sign ups), and I have been getting some good results. The only thing is I have noticed a few things that are a cause for concern.

1. I have been getting over 100 sign ups per day, with about 75% confirming
2. I am running Google Adwords and using the content campaigns for several of them. In fact on one of the campaigns, where I am getting the most clicks, I am getting 500-800 clicks per day at an average of .08 per click.

So, I am converting sign ups, but I am not seeing the sales I should expect to see with numbers like that. I'm thinking it might be due to the following reasons, and I'd like others to weigh in if they will...

- Almost all of the sign ups are from overseas (I'm in the US). India, Pakistan, middle east, and so forth
- I have heard from many not to target these countries
- I have at least 10 auto-responder messages going out as well, and still not seeing a conversion of even 1%.

What have many of you experienced with the foreign markets?

I appreciate your feedback.

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    Originally Posted by covert View Post

    What have many of you experienced with the foreign markets?
    A lot of rapid refund requests.
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    Do you have your adwords campaign set to only show in certain geographic markets? I wouldn't waste time on those overseas market. Most of them don't have credit cards. Targeting any online purchases to them is a waste.

    Stick to the US, Canada, UK and Australia.
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