Adsense: Gives Me A Heart-Attack!

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Ok, hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a few sites, one of them I monetized with adsense. I did that 1 month ago. It is a product site that covers a...well... niche I guess.

This particular site enjoys a stable rank of around 3 for all main keywords. Its traffic is 50-70 a day. In the last few days its about 110-120. The adsense revenue averaged 68 cents a day for the first 3 weeks, then moved up to about 1 dollar a day, but now has moved to 6 dollars a day average the last 3 days.

Is it because of Black Friday searches etc maybe? Or am I being clickbombed or is something strange occuring? Or is that regular for adsense? (its my first adsense attempt).

Sorry, I personally know I haven't done anything against TOS (they all say that but no really I don't) and all the bannings people get that "didn't do anything" makes me paranoid to say the least.
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    Hi Spectresoft,

    That sounds normal. It usually takes a few weeks for AdSense to optimize the ads for your website. It sounds like they are doing their job of zeroing in on the best ads to match your content.

    If the advertisers are making money then it will continue, if they aren't, it will eventually drop down again. It is all about helping the advertisers make a profit.
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    yes, my earnings and CPC also rose up a little bit after 2nd or third weeks.. maybe thats the period for Adsense to optimize ads

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    When you have a new site, you get untargeted ads, but if it's in a popular market, advertisers will start targeting your site directly. You'll also have retargeted ads for your site visitors, so that makes it more complicated too.

    If you do see some strange activity on your account you can always notify Google that you think there's something unusual. They appreciate the head's up.
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    I don't know about the rest of you, I run Adsense on my sites to earn money.

    What's the problem?

    OP, you already know If your being clickbombed by looking at your click count in your Adsense Admin (compare your existing data (new vs. old dates)).

    BTW, a single click could easily be $6+.

    Again Compare your data, that's what they give it to you for.
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      Thanks to all.

      Yes I figured it was part of Google's optimization that may have led to an increase. And I while there are more clicks, there is also more traffic and the CTR is still relatively in the same area. As I said I'm paranoid :p

      Yukon: Thanks. Not to lessen the others contribution but I've lurked here long enough to respect your response/answer.
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    If your site is well optimized and you update with great quality content with good keyword density then you will get relevant ads.

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    I was going to say: check your traffic. You're probably starting to rank, as you seem to have realized!
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