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what is short and legal way to get in first page in google search? my link is highland holiday homes
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    Step 1. Type something in the search bar,
    Step 2. hit enter
    step 3. you are now on the first page of google search

    rinse repeat

    If you having blog problems I feel bad for you son.
    I got 99 problems but a niche ain't 1.

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    Search Engine Optimization is the best and legal method to get in to the first page.
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    For a keyword like that you literally just need to create a unique url username on any number of social networking sites that is "highlandholidayhomes" you'll be there in less than a week.

    Now go contribute to this forum please.
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    Don't fall into the trap of optimizing keywords that don't get the search traffic you need.

    What are the keywords you are chasing?

    If it is "highland holiday homes" I would say the search volume is pretty low and I suggest you also try ranking for other more highly searched keywords as well.

    You can build a number of niche sites around your main site and build links to your main site from the niche sites.

    You also may want to do link wheels and other on-page and off-page methods but again I suggest you do proper keyword research first before jumping into it.


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      Thanks for your suggestion
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    very short and legal is PPC

    Ex. advertising adword by GG search engins
    bit per click

    or another way is SEO ,It' s good for long term and save you more money.
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    I haven't seen a question like that in a long time....If I ware you I begin by reading different things and try to make a profit with one of the methods that you can find in here.

    A way to promote a blog is to submit blog to BlogsAvenue.Com and another site for blog submission is BlogrollCenter.Com.

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    Well everybody knows that its not an easy task to be in top in short time of period.... You have to keep patience... but you have to do it more lastly... Well one of the powerful way nowadays is Social media... Mostly people comes through it.

    Make some funny videos , some interesting facts , some good knowledge... and share them with your buddies... If they liked it surely will visit your site which will increases your hits and traffic ...

    Make some quality blogs and try to promote them...

    Search Engine Optimization... also an important thing to be in searches.

    Mouth publicity an another option. PPC... Google adsense these all will increase your income and hits.
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    Your best bet is to lay out your site and make sure it is fully search engine optimized. That will be a great start for you. Depending on your domain, you may have a good start if you have an EMD (exact match domain). That will do a lot of the work for you (IMO).

    Make sure you have a lot of quality content on your page..
    Do PPC..
    Do some quality article marketing and linkback to your page.
    Another thing I believe will help (becoming more apparent now days) is social media. Facebook Page, Google Page (Just announced this past week and I imagine will help as well).

    If those are your exact keywords you are going after I wouldn't imagine there would be a lot of traffic... But after looking. "About 2,400,000 results" That's more than I thought, but probably not hard to break into. Follow these things and you will be well on your way.

    Checkout Google's Keyword Tool and see what keywords phrases are along the same lines as highland holiday homes. Use these keywords in some pages and articles on your website. Also doing some internal linking on your website will help make it more seo friendly. Link from one page to another.
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    I agree. The best way is to do on page seo, after that you have to build links to your website. It has to be done consistently, and make sure you get links from good sites, and from different sources
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    It's doable.

    First, you need to do keyword research..what are people looking in Google..what is supposed to drive them to YOUR site?

    Keyword(s) with only a few hundred searches wont do any good. So...find those keywords..preferably many thousand searches/month. (Google keyword tool etc.)

    Then..make sure your site (or sub-pages on your site) is optimized for those keyword(s).

    Then comes the tedious need to build links, social bookmark, articles etc.

    If you need help, let me know.
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    Take a look at getting some decent backlinks and some articles written on the subject that should help
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    I guess , OP was a bit lazy to explain his question.

    1. Get low competition keyword
    2. Setup your website with proper title and metatags
    3. Get your site indexed (use some manual bookmarking)
    4. Start getting some unique content
    5. Build backlinks
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    How I Do it;

    1) Create an article, target less competiitve keywords.
    2) Build links to your website, by including the keyword in your article submission, guesposting, blog commenting and forum marketing.
    3) Ping your links
    4) Rinse and Repeat.
    5) Watch the money roll in
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    Go to fiverr, find someone to social bookmark you URL on 500+ social networks. Takes two days max to reach page 1 spots 1-5. Works like charm every time I need to have my CB reviews seen.
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    Build back links from different SEO sources. Make sure that you create quality links

    Grow your small business and make it Online - High end Digital Consultation for your Online Business

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    Do white hat seo. Avoid spamming and duplicate content on your pages. Always produce unique good quality articles.
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    It will depend on the level of competition of the keywords that you are using. Remember that if you get into first page of Google, you are going up against the "big dogs". Actually, the real problem that you are going to deal with is how you will maintain your position upon getting on first page...
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    Do some press releases.
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    Probably SEO and link building are the best things to do. Make sure your onpage SEO is solid and then work on offpage.
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    There is currently a free WSO that gives you everything you need to onpage optimise your site. LINK (not affiliated). Then use the sticky thread at the top of this section about link building. Easy.

    "While tacit knowledge appears to be simple, it has far reaching consequences and is not widely understood."

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      How to Get On the First Page of Google

      1. Find the most popular words or phrases that people would use to search for your site. Google AdWords can show what search queries users look for, how many searches are performed on those words and how much competition there is for that search phrase. Understanding these search phrases is important to learning how to get on the first page of Google.

      2. Write unique words or phrases that match the search queries exactly. If you offer a local service or business, include the regional information in the phrase - for example, "car repair Newark." The words have to be located together on the same page of the site; Google searches pages only when looking for phrases, not whole websites. They also should be in the exact order, although punctuation marks between words are acceptable.
      3. Put relevant information in title and meta tags. The contents of the title tag show up in the first line of a search result. The meta tag should be different for each page.

      4. Use descriptive and valid URLS for each page of the website. Give the pages names that tell search engines and users what they are instead of using generic names like "page1."

      5. Submit your website's URL and sitemap to Google. Google uses the sitemap to find out more about the structure of the site. An XML Sitemap can be submitted to Google through its webmaster tools section.

      6. Get linked to other sites. Google uses PageRank to determine a website's importance based on how many other pages link to it. Find websites related to yours to offer reciprocal links. Look for linkback opportunities in blogs, articles and local directories.

      7. Add the physical location of your business to Google maps, if applicable. Businesses listed in Google Maps are displayed first when a user enters a regional search phrase. It's easy to add a listing; simply login to the Google account and fill out the online forms.
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    Make sure the keyword you want to rank for actually get searches because even if you rank high, you will not really see any benefits!

    Also make sure you have the keyword within your content and it is relevant to the search query.

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    Do white hat seo. Avoid spamming and any other black hat seo. Your webpage will go to PR 12 within 2-3 month after starting work. It is manual process.
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    increase your websites presence on the search engines & for that try to promote your website with the internet marketing techniques....
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  • hey,
    You can get on the first page of google by search engine optimization techniques like press release submission,directory submission,bookmarking etc.

    Hi-Tech Transcription Services

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