All sites Lost Serps, you too?

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Hey guys, everyone of my sites dropped 10+ places today.

Is it same for you guys?
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    How many sites you are talking?

    And yes i have experienced something similar for some of my sites
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    About 8 all lost around 10-15 places.
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    My sites raised and no I don't have quality content on these. Google sucks lol.
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    Yes, I am just starting to see this now. Many of my sites.
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    my sites been steady and climbing so far.

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      Yup, a ton of my sites lost rankings today/tonight. Sucks.
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    Another Update! But this update is not much affected like in october panda update.

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    I lost ranking my thin sites but still getting plenty of traffic, wierd. Authority site with 200+ pages are quite steady, lost a little bit of ranking. Some of my poor sites are gaining, again it's odd, it's google! Lesson learnt, never really on google serps. Income could vanish in 1 night.
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    I've had increased rankings but one site went onto page 2 for its homepage keywords, but then so did my competitor who is a huge authority in this niche.
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    I have some sites dropped very far but some ranked high with the same amount of work done.
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