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Hello, i have a couple of questions about hosting and the best way to do it.
I just cancled my hosting reseller account which was on a shared hosting account fo 2 years. On the first year my site was skyrocketing and i was tremedesly happy, until i a couple months ago. About 2 months i checking all the sites hosting on my ip block, to notice a porn site. I really paid no attention to it but was concerned that my site could be penalized, but i left it like that because my site was doing so good and i didnt want to make no changes to it. So about a month ago i stated to notice that i was dropping serp's and other keyword were dropping as well. So i went and checked the sites again on the same block, and sure enough i see the problem their, 2 more porn sites a total of 3 on the same block.
So i contacted support, for them to tell me that its not their problem over who creates porn sites an what not...Anyways I want to host my domains on dedicated ip's and i need somebody to tell me what is the best hosting company that is proven good. I prefer to have class 5 or 6 class c ip's. I dont mind spending 20-30 bucks a motnh, i just need the best "seo" hosting availble with the right price and good reviews. Much help appreciated
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    You should be able to get this from somewhere like BlueHost or HostGator I would imagine. Are you certain that you're not losing rankings due to the recent changes in Google's algorithm though? Also who was the host that you were dealing with on the reseller if you don't mind me asking?
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      From what I know, Google does NOT penalize you for being on shared hosting. There are too many websites out there that use shared hosting that are ranking extremely high. Google knows it's not your fault for being on the same network as a porn site.
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    Most search engines don't penalize you simply being on the same block as other types of sites, in this case porn sites. I would recommend HostForWeb for dedicated hosting.
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