Which backlink strategy do you prefer for MNS?

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Profile Backlinks?

High PR Backlinks?

EDU backlinks?

Blog Commenting?

Social Bookmarking?

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    What is "MNS"?

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    I think he means MSN - Microsoft Network = BING

    The answer for all search engines is quality backlinks.

    Don't waste your $$$ on the wrong kind of backlinks - They won't work.

    Since the Google "Panda" update a lot has changed.

    Google has moved the playing field and simple text links are almost counter productive, Pyramid linkbuilding is no longer worth the effort but Contextual Links will get you an almost immediate SERPS improvement.

    Tens of thousands of both can be done in 24hrs using Scrapebox, and because of that Google is now giving simple text links less weight in SERPS.

    If you watch the latest video by Matt Cutts, Google's own guru, you will learn that contextual backlinks now have the most value.

    Contextual backlinks are links placed inside an article or blog post that are in the context of their surrounding text, so they look natural.

    For example an article on firefighting might have links to a firestation URL. These are quite time consuming to create and invariably need an image to get maximum Google juice.

    For anyone planning to create backlinks I recommend you to take 3 minutes to watch the Matt Cutts video on Automatic SEO Software System | Contextual Backlinks

    If you recognise the change he speaks about. then afterwards use their FREE software to create some contextual articles embedded with your own URL.

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    I actually think he means - Micro Niche Sites
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    I think High PR forum profile backlinks (theme based) and high high quality articles written and submission will helps. Use up going latest techniques like link wheel and link baiting and topology.
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    Focus on quality rather than quantity, if you wish to stay long term.
    Let me Secure your wordpress website for the price of a small Pizza
    Weather Balloons Election Supplies
    If you need the ''cheapest'' quote, don't waste your time contacting me.
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    If you're talking about working to have a good ranking in Bing, you can visit their webmaster guidelines. Google and Bing have different guidelines when it comes to ranking a site. You might wanna check it out.
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    MNS = Micro Niche Sites
    Want to learn how to turn $98 one time investment to $4,000 weekly income? >> Click Here <<

    Bonus: You will get 98 PLR products for you to resell at your own price! That is $1 per product!!
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    I think High PS backlinks and Profile backlinks will be helpful in MNS.
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    I prefer the three of these,
    High PR Backlinks!
    EDU backlinks!
    Blog Commenting!
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