"Natural" progression of backlinks?

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I'm curious as to what people think would be, in google's eyes, the natural progression for backlinks. There's so many options and potential for sandboxing that I would like to get a sense of what would happen naturally to a website in the wild? And is there any value trying to mimic the same order.

Press release
Some articles
Some forum links
Blog links
Some wiki links

or ????
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    The first thing that needs to happen in post panda world is having action occur on your website in the form of new content on a number of different pages. In concurrence, it is pretty natural for a company to have a press release, this will usually be followed by many kinds I links in the form of video, blogs, comments, forum links, etc. Don't forget to include the social media links that are now starting to be a factor.
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  • hmm.... well there are lots of things to do...... main is content....as all we know that content is king... and all we know that GOOGLE is also a king.... it all depends on there robots.... but if you are making quality links using quality content then it will be really beneficial for you.....your order is good but you should go throw some more things also... like whatever blogs, article submission, wikis, web 2.0 etc... you need to do social bookmarking for that also.....or try to ping or RSS them..... and more social media plays a big role nowadays... so try to make popular your site on Google+, Facebook, Twitter too..... moreover do good on page for site after that go for off age techniques..... and remember whatever you do make it in a slow link building process so that it will not treat as a spam..... you should also go throw some special link wheels, link pyramids , Profile creations and more.....

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    Originally Posted by GettingBetterAtIt View Post

    I'm curious as to what people think would be, in google's eyes, the natural progression for backlinks.
    This is what I got out of Matt Carter's (SEO Academy) lessons:

    Week 1 = about 10 back links via contextual back links.

    Week 2 = 15 – 20 more back links via article submission and .edu/.gov blog commenting or similar techniques.

    Week 3 = 25-35 more back links via techniques mentioned above and maybe some social book marking or whatever

    Week 4 = 40-60-ish more back links via technique 1,2,3 and 4, i.e. article submission and .edu/.gov blog commenting, “Tumblr PR 7 Technique,” social bookmarking or or whatever technique

    Week 5 = 70-90 more back links via techniques mentioned above and forum posting, RSS feed submissions, etc.

    Of course, these numbers are not set in stone and is just to give you an idea what Matt feels is natural.

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    People try to formalize this process WAY TOO MUCH. The key is not trying to find a pattern, the key is to try and stay as natural as possible, and doing exactly 20 forum back-links every Monday...30 .edu link every Tuesday...4 profile links every Friday etc...is not natural at all.

    I found a lot of my success being what I call "Random with a purpose" I will create 100 backlinks 1 day and then just 5 for the next 2 days and whenever I release a new page or post I will link a little bit more than I would during a time with no new posts, pages etc...mimicking people seeing a new article on my site and linking back to it rather that people linking to the same old post that been there for ages.

    Not saying that having a plan doesn't matter, but trying to be natural only makes you seem more unnatural.
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    Link velocity is also important, you should start out with only a few links here and there and gradually increase how many you add per day. This will simulate your site's growing popularity which looks natural over time.

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    I concentrate on a varied link profile.

    Article marketing, profile building, forum interaction, press releases, blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc...

    You have got to understand that Google knows that when people write 10,000 articles and decide to link to your website while not one person is bookmarking your site in the social media sites it is not natural...
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    Link diversity and link proximity is also very important. You have to change your anchor text and get links from different ip's for a better result. And link proximity, try to place your links in the first or the second paragraph of an article, the higher the better.

    Get links from web pages with less out bound links.
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    You have a good chance of looking natural in the eyes of Google by following the Google webmaster guidelines. You can see some points there that will make you aware of the things that matter and ones that are not.

    But don't look for the things that you think so special to Google. They have not stated somethings about that there. What they want webmasters to do is to keep away from the things that will ruin their site. They stated some of those factors in the guidelines.

    You just have to read and understand everything that you're about to read.
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