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Is anyone having success with ENE? If yes, please tell me what changes you've made.

Sean Donahoe, if you're reading this, thanks for the recommended auto-Blog changes you gave on this forum back in September. I really wish you would have mentioned those changes on the ENE website because I just now found them. I'm sure lots of people still go to the ENE website and watch the vids as they're making new sites. I do.

In fact, the only reason I'm here now is because I got a surge on Adsense and made $200 in one day a few days ago. I thought, "this stuff is finally working!" (A webpage with a video from youtube was pulled in by my auto-Blog and somehow made it to the first page of Google.. It was a teaser for a popular TV show airing that day). But the traffic only lasted one day.

Normally.. like right now, I only make a few dollars per day TOTAL from all three of my auto-Blogs. I got a small taste of success from ENE and now I'm desperately searching for answers.

As for ENE. I love the program and I'm very proud of the sites I've created. Great product at a great price ($47), I've learned a lot, and the upgrades are well worth it too. I just want to make some money, which is not really happening.

The product simply needed to be updated shortly after it was released because of Panda. I'm sure this would have been a little inconvenient, but still necessary.

I just toned down the auto-posting like Sean said in another post I just read on on the Warrior Forum. I'll also look into the Best Spinner and WP-unique services he recommended. Maybe you could put a 10 minute vid on the ENE site about those, Sean?... What do you think?

I'd also like to ask on behalf of all ENE members.. Sean, can you please keep the ENE site updated since you're still using auto-Blogging yourself? Maybe a 10-minute video every now and then when you have to make a major change? Or re-launch it?

I just don't want to give up on this. I want to see it through and make some money online.

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    I'm a fan of ENE as well.
    Back when I took it, I was releatively new to IM, so I found Sean's thorough teaching a great way to learn IM, web dev, and SEO as well.

    I agree with the autoposting though.. I tried WP Robot, and things started to go downhill at that point so I shut it off.
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    Dave if you know of someone that can set up ENE program, I'll pay for it ! I too fell in love with it and fell as you do, I don't want to give up on it, that is if it really works...
    I find it hard to believe that once you get it set up all you have to do is fine the niche
    and companies pay you just for people hitting their site....Kcoto
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    I'm in the middle of the Extreme Niche Empires course, and while I find it extremely informational and thorough, as you guys do, I also find it outdated and a bit scammy. I'm new to IM so I view this as an investment in learning the basics. I don't expect to make much money off of it, which is a shame. I think Sean has moved on to launching product after product because it's simply a greater source of revenue. I'm thinking that tweaking his products by combining them with other proven strategies would be more fruitful than following his methods to a tee. That's what I'm going to do at least. Follow his videos exactly, and then experiment with various deviations. I'd love to communicate with some of you using ENE so that we could maybe bounce some ideas off of each other. Contact me if you're interested. Best of luck!
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      If you are going to use Extreme Niche Empires in 2012 you have to autopost no more than 1/day and you have to use a different autoblogging tool than the one provided in ENE. Wp Robot is better. You also have to combine content in the autoblogged posts, you can't just post content from one source, i.e. only posting one youtube video doesn't work as well as posting a youtube video along with an article in a post.

      Also, you have to tone down the on page seo. Forget the image caption, forget the bold keyword, and forget the underlined keyword. Have the keyword in an H1 title, H2 title and at the beginning paragraph of the post and at the end of the post.

      I'm interested in bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing what works/doesn't work. I don't have enough posts to be able to private message you though.

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