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Is it possible to rank YouTube video to number one in Google for your chosen keywords?
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    Yup. Youtube works, for the most part, like any other site when it comes to ranking. Make sure your "on-page" (title, tags, video filename, etc) SEO is good, as are your backlinks to the video. (Include your anchor text if possible, use DoFollow sources, etc.)
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    It is possible to do so. we can add many videos in youtube.
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      Yes , you can do this . With the nice description (keyword involved ) , you can make it HIGH PR in google for those keyword .
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    Yeah obivously..It is possible!! Giving Suitable Description and tags to you video can do this..
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      I'm also looking for youtube video optimization techniques. can anyone share about that here?
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    Everything thing is possible. The only problem is if you are promoting a highly competitive keyword, you need a great video, do lots of link building work and get as many UPs as you can. But if you are chasing some long-tail keyword, that would be easy.
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      Thanks guys for your contribution, all points noted. I will be making the video soon to promote it. I will focus on long tail keywords to speed up the ranking process.
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    Just don`t make your video sound spammy, or just like a commerical I have seen some people get banned from youtub because they were taking advantage of youtube
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    Sure you can..you can check out the WSO side...i have saw one recently that teach you how to rank your videos...
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    Are you asking how to optimize a video to be number 1 in Google's blended results?


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    Warning with that.The idea behind that is good, but the problem is you can be slapped.Your video may be deleted after receiving the ranking.That happened to one of my videos.I ranked it on 1 page on google after several months work, but it was deleted on the next day.I don't know the exact reason.There are many possible reason.
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    I'm curious if anyone has a good book or reference specifically talking about ranking in Youtube. I have seen some suggestions on uploading videos in groups then taking some of them down and uploading them again, etc.

    Anyone know of a Youtube guru information site?
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    Yeah it is totally possible to rank well in youtube....after all google owns them. What I've found that worked for my videos..was to look at the videos in the same niche with alot of views...and basically look at the title tags, and other tags and descriptions they've used.....and copy them. Because when someone else is viewing a video like that....youtube puts similar videos on the side that relate to it. On my videos....I can see where alot of the views came from....and they were referrals from other videos.
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    Youtube recently added youtube analytics to their package. It could be of some use to you but I haven't really delved into it myself yet. At the least use the tag tools that are offered when you post your video.

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      Yes, it is not only possible, but you can get your other links to your post and pages as well. Using a simple method of loading my videos up to two or more platforms and using the Youtube imbedded on my posts and pages, my videos have not only sat on the top, but website links were right below. 80% of my content sits first page, and ,ore than once. A full video, Post or Page and sometimes even an article. "How to find success online" "seo strategies for affiliate marketing" "making money with local blogging" "how to get local business found online" all multiple links on same SERP's. Hope this helps.....
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      Originally Posted by coloradojaguar View Post

      Youtube recently added youtube analytics to their package. It could be of some use to you but I haven't really delved into it myself yet. At the least use the tag tools that are offered when you post your video.
      Great, I'll check that out and see what kind of information they have. Thanks!
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    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I read somewhere that Google was starting to delete videos aimed at the "making money online" niche. You'll probably have to double check this, but if that's what your looking at. But as far as ranking them, it's no different than another website you owned and backlinked. If anything if would be alot easier to rank a YouTube video than a site you owned due to it's size, authority and age.
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      Make a good and interesting video, use the tags properly,
      choose a long tail keyword (or not so long)
      and keep your backlinks coming day in day out
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    It is possible unless you made it in a right way. Create quality links to your youtube video/accounts will make you move forward.

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    Definitely you can do it.

    And you do not really be in number one spot. By being different from usual website links videos get more clicks.

    You will find a lot of good WSOs on video ranking. There are quite a few things to consider to rank a video. Besides optimizing you video page make sure your thumbnail is "attractive". Choosing keywords is obviously very important. "How to" videos usually rank well.

    Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by talks 44 View Post

      Yes, and it's easier than getting a site at top, because here you just need more views.
      just views make your video on top in youtube . But, if you want to have good rank in the google you have to use the right keyword and description .
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    Primarily, the video has to be well optimized (with the title, description etc). Enable all elements on social sharing (the more active,the more chances that the video will be picked to top)
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