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Hi I'm using a similar keyword for multiple clients in the same sector but who are just in different local areas.

So the only difference is the local region which is in the the keyword phrase

For example, lets say the keyword phrase is "accountants areaname"

I have then got variations such as "accountants ipswich", "accountants leeds", etc

If I have this set to broad match on multiple accounts I get the ad for a site that isn't even in the area I'm targeting showing up as well

I thought that the broad match would need to include a variation of what's in the search phrase

So I don't understand how two ads from two different keywords can show in the same search

Any help would be much appreciated!
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    You can use exact match or add negatives for the areas you don't want the ad to show for.

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    Originally Posted by magnetoguy View Post

    I thought that the broad match would need to include a variation of what's in the search phrase
    That's what you'd think and what many think but it's wrong. Broad is "very broad" so something to approach very carefully as you're finding out.

    Much better is the relatively new modified broad. Use it this way:

    +accountants +areaname

    I don't use the old broad type anymore. It works a lot more the way people think of broad types. You should have phrase and exact matches too which mst people don't seem to know about. Along with the modified broad, there will be less need for negatives if you stay away from the plain broad types.
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    Lucid is right on the money. 'Broad Match Modifier' is Google's newest match type and by far the best feature they've come out with in awhile in my opinion. by placing the "+" in front of a term within your keyword(s), you're telling AdWords that this term, or misspells of this term MUST be used within a user's search in order for your advert to be generated.

    Just make sure you don't place a space in between the + and your keyword as this will not trigger the feature.
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