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Hi guys.

What the the best course out there to learn PPC Adwords?
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    Well, different courses teach you different things. And more important, are you looking for a free or paid course? Because they differ from $0 - $2,000

    Elion Makkink

    Become an SEO Hustler too at seohustlers.com

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    Looking for a paid course.
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      For most thorough information on Adwords I would suggest Perry Marshall

      Adam Hefner

      http://foodgawker.com/ - Warning - Don't go to if you are hawngry

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    Google offers THE BEST - and it's all free.

    You can get certified in this as well...

    <a href="https://changeyourbudget.com/save-money-on-your-water-bill/">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    Yeah I agree. Perry Marshals book is awesome....and I believe was one of the first books out there on adwords. But yeah google offers the best resources on adwords and its free. Also search youtube and you can see how to properly set up campaigns and keywords and all the jargon associated with adwords. It's a learning curve though....so don't expect to be an expert overnight.
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    I wouldn't suggest you start with Adwords. Try 7search first or even Bing. You can get banned from adwords for life for making noob mistakes like direct linking to clickbank offers or promoting a "bridge" page.
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    Originally Posted by Prime View Post

    Hi guys.

    What the the best course out there to learn PPC Adwords?
    Take a look at the guide i wrote up in my squidoo lens mate - link in my signature below. It doesn't cover everything but it's pretty extensive. It'll help a lot.
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    I second, third or whatever perry marshal, google adwords learning center (learn the rules), and another course which I forgot specifically about writing ads. Perry marshal taught you about the very important part of PPC which is not the technical part but about the mindset. You must think who are you writhing the ads for then go from there.

    @ClickClickMedia *thumbs up* for your lens
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      Andrew Goodman's is the BEST - BY FAR.

      Seriously... and I even sell my own AdWords course and I'm telling you his is the best out there.

      Most AdWords "gurus" haven't managed a live account in years and are selling some horrible misinformation that will get your account slapped, if not outright banned. Andrew, like me, manages real accounts for real clients on a daily basis so he knows what's up, and like me he has multiple people at Google on his phone's speed dial so he's up to date.

      Get Andrew's book, learn it, become one with it, and you will do well on AdWords. But it is a long and complex book so don't go in expecting a typical lightweight IM e-book. You'll have to put time and study into it, but it will pay off, trust me on this.

      New York Times Best-Selling Author
      Certified Google Partner Company
      Fast Company's Top 30 Most Influential People Online

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    Originally Posted by Prime View Post

    Hi guys.

    What the the best course out there to learn PPC Adwords?

    I didnot find any course to the point that teaches in a right way and give complete know-how of the PPC. I think its all about to read and keep researching.
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    Perry Marshals book is amazing, i also learn PPC adword from that book.
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    Brad Gess - Advanced Google Adwords , read his book!
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