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Hi Everyone,
I know this is off topic but figured this is the best place on the Warrior Forum to get advice about this. I am thinking of buying an article spinning software but with so many on the net not sure which is good and which is not.

Can any of you tell me based on cost which article spinning software has the things below and works?

1. Easy to use
2. Spun articles pass copyscape
3. The cheapest good software that satisfieds number one and number 2 above.

Thanks for all your suggestions
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    I've not used software but i am using Free Article Spinner online. it's a good service and free services, so i am happy with this.
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      Originally Posted by mindtricks18 View Post

      I've not used software but i am using Free Article Spinner online. it's a good service and free services, so i am happy with this.
      Ya I am using article queen free online but it dont work that good what is the free one you are using?
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      Originally Posted by mac12 View Post

      try to use manual spinning by doing co chances of having duplicate content are very less.
      Well that is the reason I am trying to see what is the best spinning software or free article spinning site or software to use cause I dont have time to manually spin aritcles.
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    I have been using The Best Spinner for about a year and have found it very useful for spinning the articles. Its latest feature Auto-Rewrite and grammer check has been really good. The interface is very easy. Highly recommended.
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    I stopped spinning articles a long time ago, however to answer your question I'd say The Best Spinner, as the name suggests.
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      Ok guys thanks for the suggestion I will check it out.
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    I used to try using Article Rewrite Assistant.
    it has simple interface,all the features are listed on the tool bar,easy to use.
    It was free in the past year, and began to charge in Nov,$35/year.
    After charge,the version is updated fast, it is V2.1.0.0 now.
    Other way ,there is only one day for free trial, it is little.
    its website:rewriteassistant@com
    you can have a try.
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    Try out TBS or spinner chief. I have TBS and free version of spinner chief and I personally like both, im torn between the two. Id say the pro version of spinner chief would be better than TBs for sure.
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    They dont help actually besides, once the article directory finds out that we are spinning they throw other articles off the guard.

    I spun only one of the five articles and submitted that to 2 article directories. And that article made my finely written four returned to me with a brief note "Spun". Then I personally wrote to the admin Sorry Note and is working good now.

    Please dont recommend people what costs them reputation of their resources just to sell of stuff.

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    I think most of them are a waste of time - they all output utterly gibberish, or close to it, or require so much tweaking that you might as well rewrite it yourself.

    So I stopped using them, but you can have a look at these (they were the "best", free, easiest to use, or didn't require login/registration when I last checked): - Text Spinning, Word Rewriting, Automatic Creativity Engine

    Online Article Spinner || Free Article Spinner || Article Rewriter
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    Thanks for sharing this post. I was also searching the best article sniping tool.
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    The Best Spinner. It costs about $47/year from what I remember paying and it's updated frequently with new features. It's especially good because of the database of synonyms collected from its users.
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    I have been using free article spinner ,its a better than other
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    I definitely agree with the majority....the best spinner is probably the mst adequate spinner out there. Just remember that whichever spinner u use, you should always do two things.

    1.) Thoroughly reread the newly spun content to make sure that it flows well for the readers that will be finding it.

    2.) Add a little uniqueness to each article in the beginning and end to make each article truely unique in both verbage and relativity. If usimply spin an article to submit a ton of back links all u are really doing is spamming the internet......there is too much of it already.

    I understand that sometimes one must do what one must do to create "quality" back links to their aite' but out of respect for the users that u want to keep doing searches and clicking to support our revenue streams we should all try to add at least some REAL uniquness to every article that we shove out onto the internet.

    That's my 2 pennies at least. :-)
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