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What do you guys think of outsourcing some backlinking with backlinking services? I'm also thinking of automating my social bookmarking? PLease give me some advice because i have no clue really on building some backlinks that are worthwhile. I mean i know i can approach webmasters but what do i have to offer them? A site that isn't ranking now?
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    Some backlinks services do it too faster. If search engines will detect you as backlinks spammer, it may cause to downgrade your rank. My opinion, Natural backlinks building is the best way for good SEO.

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    It may take time but you can find targeted backlinks your self by searching Google and this way you don't have to gamble your money with backlink services that spam sites for links. I search forums and make blog comments on high page rank sites related to my niche and my page rank is steadily climbing along with my targeted traffic.
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    They can be good but make sure you do your research first. Find out what kind of backlink they are giving you and if possible the site you will be receiving the link on including the full URL. Obviously some links are worth more than others and depending on the pagerank, traffic (found with tools like alexa) and domain (i.e. .com .edu .gov) so finding this out is important.
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    if you dont have time, you can outsource it. but i think you have to do a research and do backlink-ing manually first, if you are know how to do it, have a good result and want to use your time efficiently you can outsource it. I think you have to find backlink service that do it natural way.
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    At some point you have to realize that to do link building properly takes serious time, effort, $$$, know how and experience and hence for most webmasters it's more economical to outsource to a reputable vendor.
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    I think in IM marketing game there are several things like linkbuilding, bookmarking, etc that requieres investing money and time.

    A simple way to see it:

    Money + Time = Results

    More money, less time = same results
    less time, more money = same results
    more money, more time = more results

    So you should plan how much money and time you want to invest.

    More Chi, Train harder!

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    Use fiverr to find services. But be careful to choose the top rated ones.

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      Originally Posted by Daniel Wilson View Post

      Use fiverr to find services. But be careful to choose the top rated ones.
      I'd be very careful about how you go about evaluating fiverr link service providers. Their ratings, do not tell the whole story. If you are familiar with fiverr, you know how it works. Typically people leave a rating upon the delivery of the service. What they are really rating is whether or not the project was completed and on time. That's it. Nothing about results.

      Just because something is rated really high there, does not mean it is going to help your rankings. Half the people buying those services have no idea what they are doing.

      Develop a real link building plan first. If you find a service on fiverr that matches a portion of that plan, fine. Go for it. Otherwise, do not go seeking out services that have a bunch of good reviews and then try to work your plans around them.
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    paying $5 and expecting good results is foolish.

    if you want to just do social boomarking, do it yourself using bookmarking demon.

    if you want something thats quality, check out my service as its subscription based and oyu do nothing. If thats out of your budget, just take your time and manually build a few links a day including your social boomarking, you'll get there!

    Good luck
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    When you are just starting out or not making too much money online it is usually a better idea to handle the SEO yourself, after all, there is lots of info around the forum with techniques and results so there is no reason why you can't do it yourself.

    As you start to get a little more experienced and aquire some consistent cash you need to think about the direction you are going in your business. If spending all your time doing SEO is slowing down your business you are probably better off outsourcing to a reputable team who live and breathe SEO.

    This way you can focus your time on building more content, more sites, striking up more deals, and making more sales.

    So yes, outsourcing to backlinking/SEO services can be a good idea if you are at the right point in your internet marketing business.
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    Frankly, don't waste your time manually building links unless its your passion.
    Otherwise as Javi pointed out, time = money. Your time is better spent either
    working on bettering your business, or frankly having some down time.

    Getting into backlinking, and being successful at it, takes time as there's really
    a lot to learn. Chances are you will feel overwhelmed once you begin doing it.

    There are a lot of garbage link services, but a the same time there are a lot of
    really great ones too. I wouldn't recommend Fiverr as the chances of getting a
    good service is slim, especially if you don't know what to look for.

    Stick with the forums and try and find a reputable seller. Then focus your extra
    time into bettering your business and whatever your passion truly is.
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      @revseo yeah thats what is happening getting overwhelmed! lol
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    Thanks i appreciate it i've trying to make blog comments....i've written a few articles. But i read a lot trying to get a sound knowledge of it. But i just find it hard to get them for example commenting on blogs how long does it take for them to moderate i have backlinked but not as much i guess as i can. just wondering if i should start investing some money and getting this thing rolling....
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    I lover outsourcing my services because it makes life easier for me as I'm busy with many projects, so in my point of view spending some few dollars wouldn't be bad specially when the incomes of that outsource worth it.

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    Backlink services will do help some busy people to reduce work.
    Good idea.
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      Same as MikeFriedman just said, Fiverr reviews are not about the quality or the ranking benefits of the links but purely about that the gig gets delivered. Most people have not much of a clue and when they get a report they are happy.

      About automating bookmarks, when you build for example 20 web2.0's then it gives a solid ranking increasement when you dripfeed 2000 bookmarks at them over the course of a month. We tested it several times and the effect is much better then when blasting them all in one go. However it gets a bit expensive when you have to dripfeed many tier1 links.
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    It'll more better for you, if you have enough time then do it by yourself. Because no one can give you satisfaction work that you do by own.

    Else, Choose any good one which will provide less work but with quality matters.
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    Backlinking usually takes time. And if you get backlinking services, most probably some search engines would find your site a spammer since these services do the task too fast.

    For me, it would be better to do the backlink on your own to ensure that you create natural and reliable backlinks for your site. Plus you are ensured that you don't get your site downgraded for this.

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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