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Hi everybody,

Do any of you know of a good social bookmarking software? And preferably one that isn't too expensive.. :p

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    Bookmarking Demon by EdwinSoft is the best one on the market. It gets the job done, is updated often, and the support is awesome. The only downside is that those types of "low-quality" links don't really do too much to rank a page in Google anymore. But it's still a good tool to use as part of your overall SEO strategy.
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    Bookmarking Demon is a winner in this market.

    I have been using the software for one month.

    It works great. Highly recommended.
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    BMD stands out for mixing up the accounts it posts to, along with spinning tag usage.

    However, I don't have the patience to run this software anymore. Posting takes a while, and reposting to failed sites on different IPs takes too long.

    I would just either outsource BMD, or just outsource manual bookmarking if I really wanted them still.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    you should note that BMD charges you double for captcha which I find to be pretty much shady so you will eat up captchas pretty quickly. I use sites that have captcha to sign up but not to bookmark.
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    I often use (300 social bookmark submit/50 services/month ) .It's free and enough for me.
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    Thanks for the replies!
    The harder I work, the luckier I get.
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  • hey,
    Bookmarking Demon is the best social bookmarking software.
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    I would like to advise you to try the following online services for automatic bookmarking:

    Social Marker
    Empire Marketing Tool
    Social Monkee
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    I am using the free version of socialadr. I purchased a fiverr gig that set up social accounts for 3 socialadr accounts. I rotate the url's that I want bookmarked in each of these accounts (usually wait until about 50 submissions for each, then rotate new url). Each morning I log in to each soacialadr account and get free credits for bookmarking someone else's links - they have a quick share button to do this

    Total investment - $5 and about 2 minutes per day!

    I also use the free version of IMAutomator, once I make a blog posts, I copy the url and enter in to IMAutomator - it pulls the description, tags, etc. Takes 2 minutes and is free.
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    Well BMD is a good choice, but since it is very expensive i chose socialadr and socialmonkee instead.
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