Leaderboard just below or inside header??

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Well, I don't know, if this question is ever asked before..

I would like to know, the best placement technique for 728x90 leaderboard Ad. Adsense heat map tells us to keep it just below the header, while some advise placing it alongside site's logo, as it would improve site branding..

Either way what converts best? Does leaderboard suffer ad blindness? can we also include a 300x250 ad format(in the sidebar), as ppl feel it as the best performing ad unit?

Also, if we display both leaderboard & medium rectangle (300 x 250), do we drive our visitors away?

Kindly help? Also plz take a look at my website(in my siggy) and comment on the look & feel..
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    IMO.......leader board w/images just below the header and main navigation menu if at bottom of header on the home page. I have tried the "in the header to the right or just below the logo" placement before and always got ridiculously horrible results......though plenty of people do use that method, so I'm assuming that it does work for some.....but not me...lol

    I've only monetized about 50 or 60 sites so maybe one of the veterans that has 5+ SUCCESSFUL years in IM could chime in and give you some more feedback. Good luck with your site.
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