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I've been working on some Link wheels. My question is if I am creating web 2.0s from hand via the same account. For example I have many wordpress blogs under one host gator account, and a handful of articles under one hubpage account.

My question is doesn't google see that I am posting all these web 2.0's via 1 i.p. address? Or that there are a bunch of webpage from 1 hosted account?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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    I doubt it will matter.

    If you have 1 account and are creating free blogs, it wont matter at all. If your buying domains and making your own wordpress blogs on the same IP, google will be able to take this into consideration I guess. Are they all li nking to eachother? I wouldnt internlink them with backlinks pointing to each other. Keep them all seperate and it should be sweet.

    If you want Ip diversity, see if you can host one on a friends account in a different webhost?
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      No They are not interlinking. It just not the wordpress accounts, it's also the the other web 2.0 accounts. Say for instance I post 100 articles on hubpage or squidoo with in context links, all from 1 account. Does that look the same to google as 100 different people posting 1 article with my link in it?

      Did that make since?
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