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Hi... guys can any one explain me on which bases google index a site and how it is useful for SEO????
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    The higher your rankings in Google, the easier it will be for visitors interested in your site/niche/product to find your site, since your site will be among the first they see.

    To get high rankings, there are many things you need to do, but to answer your question, Google will (among other things) look at your site's content and value for potential visitors to index and rank it.
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    If you want to rank in Google, the Google bot has to first visit your site - after doing so, it will decide whether or not your site is worth indexing - If it provides unique valuable content, your site WILL get indexed.

    There are many techniques to make the bot visit your site, including but not limited to pinging, building backlinks, submitting the site to web directories and many others.
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    I usually do a run of bookmarking on my new sites, that almost always helps it get indexed in less than 24 hours, other than that, just a few backlinks should do it as well.

    Things like tweets with your url in them will also help
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