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I'm trying hard to understand everything about keywords.Thanks to helpful people here in this forum. They answer all my questions ( I guess some of my questions are really silly). So, here are my questions
1. What is main keyword? How does google notice my main keyword. What can I do for this?
2. How many main keywords can I have for my entire site? just one or multiple of them?
3. In wordpress all in SEO Pack there is "home keyword" section where you type your homepage's keywords. How many keywords should I type there at most for good seo?
4.Once I have determined my keywords, should I repeat them in all of my articles, headings etc... Or different keywords in different articles?
5.I hear the term "keyword targeting" so often. What is it it exactly? How can I do it?
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    1. A main keyword is your most important keyword. Let's say your site is about dogs, then "dog" would be your main keyword.

    2. Sure you can have more then just one keyword, but don't aim for too much keywords in the beginning. 5-6 is enough. You can still go for some more later, but in my experience it's better to stay focussed and get those 5-6 ranked first.

    3. 5-6 is a good number to put there. Please don't stuff 30 keywords or something in it, thats pointless and can lead to a penality.

    4. It's a good idea to repeat your main keyword on any site, but not all keywords. But again, don't overstate the use of keywords. The articles on your site should remain readable for your visitors.
    The regular procedure is to create one page for each keyword.

    5. It means trying to rank for that keyword.
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    Sarah, thank you so much for your informative answer. I have just one more question what can I do to rank for a keyword
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      There's much you can do. I don't want to appear lazy, but it would take a really long time to write down all those infos. But you can visit and take a look at their seo beginners guide. It's really well written and beginner friendly. I'm sorry the forum doesn't let me post direct links yet, otherwise I would have posted a link for you.
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