What's Your Plan For 2012?

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I decided to write a quick post to talk about SEO in 2011 as I reflect on this year and make my plans for 2012.

2011 has been an incredibly good year for me in terms of SEO and achieving high rankings for many of my sites. I've also been very fortunate to have remained unaffected by all the Google algorithm changes and updates such as Panda and the new freshness update. This time last year all I had was a couple of new PR0 sites that were not ranking too well. 1 year later and I'm now sitting with a number of high ranking, money making sites up to PR4.

2011 has seen the Warrior Forum filled with cries of unexplained dropped rankings and de indexed sites. Looking at the way Google’s algorithm has evolved over the years and how many changes they've made I'm sure these cries will continue through 2012.

I've seen quite a few of these sites that have been hit by Panda or de indexed completely. Without wanting to ruffle any feathers, most of these sites have been very low quality. Of course there have been reports of perfectly good sites loosing rankings because of the Panda update but some collateral damage can happen.

So for 2012 I will continue to do what I've been doing through this year and improve on certain areas. I will keep an eye on what Google is up to through next year and continue to adapt and make improvements. My plan through 2011 was to build lots of sites but I have instead changed my focus to building up and improving on my 8 best money making sites.

I think the days of throwing up thin, low quality sites and walking away from them are slowly dyeing. If your plan for 2012 is to build a load of thin sites as fast as possible to make money then you may want to have a re think.

Here's a look at Google’s algorithm change history over the past 11 years. It makes you wonder what’s in store for us in 2012!

Although I feel quite confident that I can continue to build on my best quality sites and achieve high rankings, I'm working on building a second income stream going into 2012 that does not relay on traffic from Google.
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    What i plan to do in 2012 is get rid of a couple of websites that (after 2 years) make me no money. Kind of cleanup. The tourism niche was not kind to me so i will stay away from that kind of websites in the future.

    I will push the money-makers more and create a couple more in a different niche.

    Also i will translate the n1 website of mine in more languages (a lot of work due to much content) and see how it goes.

    I wish every one a $great$ 2012.
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  • To be honest my goal for 2012 is to investigate paid traffic a little deeper. SEO will always be there and is great, but for me building my business on that model alone is way too risky.

    Paid traffic combined with SEO is where I'm heading.
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    My Plan is To Make a New Site For Affiliate Marketing and Optimized This Site According To Webmaster Guidelines!
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    My plan is to make 1-2k a week with a total of 20 sites mixed with CPA, amazon, CB, and adsense.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    My plan for 2012 in Seo, is to concentrate in Social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. . Nowadays Networking site plays an important role in promoting the website and helpful in gaining more visitors.
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    Helps lots of newcomers succeed online!
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    1-make my offline business for local companies a reality. (currently in the making with a client awaiting my leads already lol..)

    2- Make my main website more profitable. I started from nothing a couple months ago, not even knowing IM exsited , and this month my first website (I have about 15 sites now) is going to finaly break the 100$ for this month, already at 185$+ so I will probably get 200$+.

    3- Make another 4-5 websites related to the first one using the exact same formula. I can't believe how many pages im ranking for with ZERO backlinks. I beat other sites with tons of backlinks in a matter of days.

    Seriously guys, authority sites are the way to go. Pick a niche, dominate that nice. Forget about laser taregeted websites, this will not work for long-term incomes. Once you get a main product, make posts or pages for other keywords related to that main one and you will rank them EASY.
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    • use my experience in branding, design, marketing, coding, WP, adwords, social media and seo that I have gained from years of marketing my clients to create my own passive income
    • absorb every ounce of useful knowledge possible on WF
    • build many highly niche dropshipping ecommerce websites
    • promote them through SEO and social media
    • build valuable lists and social followings through my sites
    • make at least 5k/mo by December from IM
    • help my Dad increase passive income so he can retire
    • spend more time with my wife and kids
    • document EVERYTHING that i learn and offer it back to the community for free.
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    My plan is always to improve on what I'm doing now, this is my plan every week! make more money, work harder and work smarter!
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    My plan is to have fun and enjoy myself working on projects that I find interesting. Earning money is a natural side effect from that which, to be honest, I don't even care about that much.

    I am Nero. Sup.

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    Build up a network of niche sites that are quality and make me passive income.

    Leverage experience and money building an ecommerce site for guys. Currently researching and thinking of how to approach it. Tons to learn.

    Finish up Digital Design for Websites course and improve my graphic design/website skills to great level.
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  • Profile picture of the author Fernando Veloso
    Depend less and less on search engine traffic, focus on social media and create a new offline start-up.

    Google is hitting hard people, it's time for us to move on and let them know we don't care about Pandas, bears and Caffeine's...
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      Originally Posted by Fernando Veloso View Post

      Depend less and less on search engine traffic, focus on social media and create a new offline start-up.

      Google is hitting hard people, it's time for us to move on and let them know we don't care about Pandas, bears and Caffeine's...
      Disregard Google - Acquire other search engines traffic
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    My plan is to totally bleach my hat so its whiter than white so I can give that pesky Panda a black eye.....oh, wait..............
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    Focusing on Social Media Traffic (G+, FB and YT) and a massive 500+ PR4 blog network for private clients.

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    Finally get around to generating free traffic with SEO. Been using PPC since 2006 so it's time to move on to other traffic sources - and really boost my earnings.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rojish Roy
    My plan is to learn more about building quality backlinks and to improve the search rankings of my sites. In 2012 I will be focusing more on social media as well.
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    My plan is to find other alternatives or solutions to Panda and to any upcoming updates by Google. 2012 will be a hard year for everyone.

    Wakonda Marketing Inc
    Want to crush it with Media Buying ?
    Needs hordes of traffic ?
    Call us now 514-688-2576
    or visit http://www.wakondamarketing.com

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      I want to have at least 100 new content locking websites by the end of 2012, expand my offline business, finish my book and write another that I have been planning for a long time and create new income streams online.
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    My plans for 2012 are launching new web sites and learning java, html, php, css etc.,
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    in 2012. i wish to publish my own websites.
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    My plan/goal is to make email marketing responsible for at least half of my online revenue for 2012.
    Need an awesome ghostwriter to fill in for you?

    Check out StephenWaldo.com
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    my #1 goal for 2012 is to finish at least 1 of the super projects i have (that are not just random brainstorms and ideas) and what else... to become rich with one of them? Yes.
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  • Profile picture of the author DWaters
    My plan is to start making some money with Adsense on a few of my sites and also try flipping some sites.
    How I really Make Money With Amazon

    Want to get rich with top rated FREE Super Affiliate Training?
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