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I am using Wordpress to build websites.

Wondering how many keywords is too many?

Say I have a 3 page website (home, about us, services)

Say I want to rank for 9 keywords, should I use 3 keywords per page?

This is mainly for local websites, so the competition is not fierce....

OR would it be better to try only focus less keywords for the whole website?

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    You can target maximum of 3 keywords for one web page but you have 3 web pages with about us page. Which is included in these 3 web page then you can target maximum of 6 keywords. 3 for services and 3 for home page and cannot target any keyword for about us page.

    But it is better to optimize your landing pages for keyword for getting good return against visitors coming to your website.
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    You can focus on as many keywords for a site. But it is good to target minimum of 2 keywords per page...
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    I think you should maintain the keyword density between 2-5% and should use more keywords on the relevant page.Eg. Website Design page should have relevant keywords related to this.
    NOTE: Avoid keyword Stuffing
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      There is no rule for how many keywords your site can rank for... the idea is to optimize for a few keywords per page and treat it as a hierarchy. You want to optimize for the biggest keywords and if done properly you will gain authority for that keyword and start ranking for long tail terms. Example, you optimize a page on your website for "Blue Widgets", if done properly you will rank for Blue Widgets and eventually start to pull in traffic for "big blue widget", "light blue widget", "cleaning my blue widget", and so on. Often times, the long tail traffic that you'll bring in is much more beneficial than the bigger, broader search terms.

      Oh, and your About Us page is for your users, to give them an idea of what you and your company are about, not so much for SEO. I wouldn't spend too much time on it.
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    I suggest you not to try more then 2 or 3 keywords.It would be better for you to compete in low keywords.
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    The optimum keyword density for each page is 3%. 2-3 KW is better for each page.

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      My suggestion is targetting 3 keywords per page is always good for search engine rankings...
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        The more keywords you want to rank for, the more content you will need, but there is no upper limit as to how many keywords to can aim to rank for. Just make sure they are all stronly relevant to one another.
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    If you're just starting out on your website, I'd suggest going for one keyword in the beginning.. Then to build up on them after you see some results on your SERPs
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    I strongly recommend you target specific keywords when you write your article blog post, in other words when you write an article target a keyword that you could rank for

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    Of course you can have as many keywords as you like, but you should target 2-3 per page and keep it specific!

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    Thanks everyone, you really answered my question and now I know what I need to do.
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