#1 of Google, does my website have potential?

by add191
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I have a Amazon review website which is Home theater receiver

#1 for keyword best home theater reciever with 1000 exact search per month
#3 for keyword home theater receiver reviews with 880 exact search
#7 for keyword home theater receiver with 2400 exact search

Do you think my website have earning potential?

I'm working on header image right now so don't mention that.
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    For the term 'home theater recievers', I think you'll get better traffic.
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    Hey, I'm not sure if some kind of miracle happened recently but you're #2 for the term "home theater receiver" in Google Canada and #1 on Google.com.

    EDIT: I've never gone on this site before and I was also using Google Chrome Incognito mode.
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    don't know, did you log out of your google account because i still getting #7 for "home theater receiver"
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    actually logging in can bring in personalized results.
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    Yea "home theater receiver" is showing up at #7. It's hard to talk about the earning potential here because the #1 result seems to be from the shopping page just showing different receivers and prices. It will be hard to get people to click on your website if that continues showing up as the #1 result because it gives the user exactly what they are looking for without going to a site...just my opinion because I never had to compete with results like those.
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    plus you got 3 sponsored ads every time on top also...so its a tough one to call.
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