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What are other blogs networks like squidoo which allows us to write lenses and get free backlinks from?
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    Google Knol
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      Originally Posted by jessicadavid View Post

      Google Knol
      Hubpages doesn't offer dofollow links. Squidoo does. I've heard that google knol is going to be closed. Is it correct?
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    Google exist its article publishing services of Knol. So now Knol is no longer exists for article publishing purpose....
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      Hubpages works well, I use squidoo, and it works well. Squidoo is good for a lot of things, just have to try it... Pushing it up under keywords works well too.
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    Squidoo already has authority so if you make a good on-page (on lens) optimized lens for the right keywords then throw some backlinks at it, it will hit page one much quicker and easier than a new website. You can use it to promote your website but it's easier to get that Squidoo lens to page one and use it as a throughfare to your website.

    My biggest money maker is one of my squidoo lenses, I just masked a domain and pointed to my lens and through some article backlinks though UAW at it and it works.

    Point is, use Squidoo as a traffice source, not just for some backinks, you will have more success.
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    I am definitely with dmor71 on this. Trying too hard to use Squidoo leneses as a means of creating a good backlink tends to anoy Squidoo and they often say it is blatant avertising and against their rules. If you switch your thinking to using your lens as a source of traffic instead of just building a link it is easier to create something more appealing. To do this look at all the tools like video, polls etc you can use. Even put the poll on your Facebook page which directs people to your lens when they click to fill it in.

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    Hubpages are good, but to get such links, I would suggest wordpress, weebly and webs.com as well
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    I've used Squidoo and Hubpages simultaneously and have to say Squidoo is a better tool and a better experience. I was always running into ambiguously-worded violations with the pages that were posted on Hubpages(which were about 95% unique).

    Hubpages got hit big time during the initial Panda update then claimed to have cleaned up their act during the later iterations and gained some ground back in the SERPS. Their filters just suck. I finally closed account and transferred my 20-something hubs over to Squidoo.
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    Can somebody tell some words more about this Google knol?
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    Hubpage is good alternative for Squiddo.
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    The best thing about Squidoo is fun. It's really interesting to work with it and some creative skills should be used to make a good one.
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    try wizzley, webnuggetz.

    google knol is shutting down. there's nothing to tell. don't even think about them.
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    Don't forget the good old, free blogger blogs, they still rank well in google, blogger.com has being around for years, has great authority as it is a Google product and the free blogs you can set up there will rank well no doubt.
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    I believe best alternative to squidoo right now is wizzley. It is founded by squidoo members, it has pretty much the same system of getting reputation and it is developing very fast. I am quite sure it can get PageRank6 before the end of 2012 and a lot of authors report they rank high in google SERPs soon after publishing (24 hours or so). Hubpages are another alternative but I found people who use squidoo and hubpages often prefer just one of them. Squidoo is more graphic appealing, and hubpages is more looking like article directory...

    It is good to try all of them and after month or so of experimentation concentrate on only one of them (maybe using others for support). You should know how to get authority on your profile and your articles/lenses/hubs and than just persist.
    And there are also many creative ways to surpass limitations of annoying spam filters on all those platforms
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