Here's EXACTLY Why Your Adsense Sites Aren't Making $3,000/month!!!

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I love math, especially when it comes to making money There are a Bajillion (that's a trillion, trillion) publishers making like $10/month with Adsense. Almost all of my new customers are in that boat. They keep asking me "why, why, WHY aren't we making money from Adsense?"

The answer to that question is very simple. It's because you didn't do the math! Yes, it really is that simple. So, let's do some math (did I mention that I love math?). Here we go:

How many licks does it take to get to a tootsie roll pop's center? Three. OK, what did that last sentence mean? It means the same thing as "how long is a piece of string?". It means that you need a GOAL, a METRIC by which you measure success or failure. Since everyone is in love with the magical $100/day level, let's use that as our metric. So here's the multi-million dollar question:


Well, let's see. We'll take the $1 click as an example. Does anyone even know what that $1 stands for? Here, let me tell you. It means that it will cost an advertiser $1 if they want the #1 spot on Google's FIRST PAGE of search results for that keyword/keyword phrase. That's the SEARCH network, not YOUR website. YOUR website is on what Google calls its content network. Advertisers can bid whatever they want separately for the content network. Many CPC advertising guides tell advertisers to try $0.05 and $0.10 bids to test the waters. That's why you see $0.05 clicks even when you target the correct keywords. Anyway, let's get back to our example $1 click. Google shares approx. 68% of that with you. So, in the best case, the best of all worlds, it will take at least 4,412 clicks to make you that $100/day or $3,000/month.

So, assuming the best of all possible conditions, how much traffic do we need to get 4,412 clicks? Well, I've had thousands of sites, so I think I have enough data to answer that one. If you are not ultra spammy and taking high CTR niches and low CTR niches into account, expect an overall CTR of about 5%. So, in order to get 4,412 clicks, we'll need to get 88,240 visitors per month to our site(s).

OK, so now that we got that out of the way, let's recap: If we pick a $1 CPC keyword phrase(s), if our visitor always clicks on the first placed ad AND if Google's Adwords customer did not set a separate, lower bid for the content network (that's us), then we need 88,240 visitors to come to our site(s). So, how much content would that be?

If you take the low competition phrases, you'll see that the lowest you should probably target are those getting 1,000 searches/month. Let's see where that will get you. More numbers...

Organic search takes approximately 70% of the clicks and paid search the other 30%. So, if you own every single spot on page 1, you would get approximately 700 clicks. Let's say that your site is on page 1, WOO HOO!! That means you can expect 4% of the clicks. That would be 700 x 4% or 28 clicks. OK, so, if you have ALL page ONE results for ALL of your keywords, you need 88,240/28 or 3151 pages of content on Google's first page!

YIKES!!!! 3,251 pages of FIRST PAGE RESULTS?

Well, how can we fix that? There are a number of things that can help. Let's talk about them.

First, pick keyword phrases with $2 CPC. That would lower your content down to 1,576 pages. Pick phrases with a $10 CPC and you would need 325 pages.

Second, pick phrases with more than 1K searches/month. If you target phrases with 2,400 searches/month, you are down to 1,355 pages.

Third, work on getting your page to the #1 spot. That's 42% of the traffic! That would lower the pages down to 310 pages.

So, the lesson learned here is DO THE MATH! Let's see how much we can help ourselves if we pick the right keywords and rank them well.

Pick $3 CPC, searches of 2,400/month or more, and rank in the #3 spot. That would make the requirement 3,251/3 = 1084/2.4 = 452/2(the #3 spot gets 8% instead of 4% for lower on the page) = a much more reasonable 226 pieces of content.

So, what's the plan? Pick a GIANT niche, or several smaller ones. Research 226 phrases with the criteria above, write them and rank them. Let's say that it takes you 30 minutes to write one piece of content. If you take one hour/day to do this, you will have 60 articles/month. In 4 months, you will be done with the content. If you spend one day creating the content and one day distributing it for backlinks, then you will take 8 months. If you chose the correct keywords, you'll be making $3,000/month within a year from now and you can thank me on this thread
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    1) People are *greatly* under-estimating how important sufficient search volume is, they keep spending time searching for micro-niches with little (little as in < 6000 EXACT searches per month)...and are wondering why they don't get enough traffic/clicks

    2) Not all people (understandably) understand or do proper SEO and simply cannot reach the necessary Google rankings for their keywords - or they start out with wrong keywords to begin with. (Either too hard to rank, too low search volume etc..etc..)

    3) People making horrible crap sites which consist of two articles

    4) People over-think or fail when it comes to good ad placement and ad blending/colors etc. for good CTR.

    5) People make eclatant mistakes on/with their sites basically violating Adsense TOS with stupid themes like Prosense, fake "menu bars" and similar.

    6) Niches/Keywords are too general so people hardly click. The more broad a keyword, the less targeted is the traffic.

    7) Combination of some or all of the above factors.
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    That post makes it out to be soooo much harder than it really is. You are right it is down to maths, and working out the necessary figures, but you made it sound overly complicated.

    I have a site that does $160+ a day on AdSense and it only has 5 pages of relevant unique content with what the searchers are after! The problem is people get told to go for these stupid 3000+ exact searches a month terms. Aim higher people!!! Just do your keyword research properly.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    Fair enough mate, true enough, but i was reffering to yoru initial post, where you mention the number of pages you have affects how much you can earn which is what i read as a bit confusing, because really for the most part it isnt a factor (unless you go for these little silly terms and you need longtail traffic).

    Also as I am sure you are aware, the CPC and also contextual CPC shown in the AdWords keyword tool are no where near accurate enough to be worth paying any attention to (for AdSense interest that is).

    Im summary for AdSense success, find yourself a click happy niche, get yourself a very simple theme so the user doesnt have many options other than to leave via an ad. Get a term with LOTS of search volume with competition you can handle to get to #1. That's really all there is to it.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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