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No matter what I do I could neverget a page rank better than 1, it has penalized Google me? how do I know? , my site is already one year old:

I really appreciate your comments, thanks

my page is www opulensbg com
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    You need back links from high PR sites to boost your PR.

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    check you sites for the errors make sure its error free, sometime a small error in title or in meta tags can effect ranking.
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      Don't hype and stay cool, review your SEO and link building strategy. Start Link Building with the support of quality content via blogging and guest posting activity. Increase the social presence of website and try to get more relevant links from variety of resources on internet.
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    try to get back-links from high PR websites. i will also advice you to get links from authority websites like wikipedia, youtube etc.

    this will definitely help you.

    Local SEO Consultant

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    on-page followed by off-page optimization. just step by step on working your site to promote.
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    Thanks for your comments, about SisatelĀ“s comment:

    1. Sudden Google referral traffic drop - This is not happening.
    2. Huge differences in rankings if you query general search and a single database. - I dont understand this .
    3 Your domain is not #1 for [yourdomain.com] search. - It is number 1.
    4. [site:yourdomain.com] returns 0 results - There is only 2.070 results.

    Ok i will be focus in Backlinks strategy, but im penalized by Google? or is just that i have to work harder in my site.

    Thanks Again
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    >> but im penalized by Google? or is just that i have to work harder in my site.

    No, you are not. To get good PR, you need more backlinks. Try to get backlinks from high PR pages. Your PR will get increased automatically. But to see updated PR, you have to wait for the next PR update. Keep building links, PR will get increased.
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