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ranked number 8 and making no money! I have another website on page 1 spot 3 making me some money everyday. Do you guys find that having your adsense sights ranked in top 3 is the only way making you money?

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    It's the main way I get money on a daily basis but I often grab a few clicks from when I do a massive campaign, especially if the article is relevant and my theme has a high-ish CTR.

    Often times, the amount I make from clicks outweighs how much money I put into the campaigns to complete
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      Look here

      This article shows how much traffic you can expect for each position in the SERPs. As you can see in the tables down in the article, there's a huge jump in CTR from place 4 to 3 and from place 2 to 1.

      So with 4400 exact searches per month for a keyword on place 7 gets you 2 visitors a day whereas on place 3 you get 13. That's four times as much. In general, observe the formula

      Searches per month x CTR / 30 = Visitors per day
      You can look up the CTR in the article.

      You also have to take your ad CTR onsite in account. With 10% ad CTR you need 10 visitors for 1 ad click. You can do the math from there.
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    Besides the different rankings, if your two websites' exact searches, competitors, website design and website contents didn't have too many differences, now you should know there are huge differences between rank on the top part and bottom part of the first page, working harder would be your only choice now.
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    Ranking as well as the placement of ads on your site also effect on your adsense income.
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    It totally depends on how much traffic there is for that keyword. For searches with low traffic (under 5000 exact a month) I doubt you will see many visitors unless you are #1 or #2.

    Gone Fishing
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      Originally Posted by cashcow View Post

      It totally depends on how much traffic there is for that keyword. For searches with low traffic (under 5000 exact a month) I doubt you will see many visitors unless you are #1 or #2.

      Exactly what Lee said. I have one website that targets roughly 6+ keyword phrases that collectively get around 500,000 EXACT local monthly searches. For 5 of those phrases, I am ranking anywhere from 7 to 10 currently, yet I still get a nice chunk of traffic AND earnings. Obviously working to get those all to move up a few spots to increase my earnings dramatically on that site alone.

      As for others that have much fewer exact local searches per month, you won't see much unless you've hit the top 3 for that particular keyword phrase.
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      From my experience you can have kw's (exact) show in adwords tool or any other tool with a huge number of searches, then you get ranked and see you only get a trickle of traffic. Then the opposite is true too.

      Best way I've come to judge is but an ad on G and see how many impressions you get. This can give you an idea.

      Adam Hefner

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    It will vary, but usually top 5 is where it kicks in. I usually follow Google ranking, but certain pages rank a lot sooner on Yahoo + Bing and has good earnings even before its in the top 3 or 5 in Google.

    Also, I have some pages that earn very little in spot #2, and when it hits #1 the earnings pile on.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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