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Hey everyone, I am beginning to create a mini blog for my site. The main intention is to have links that direct back to my main site.

Is anyone doing this?

How is this working out?

In your opinion, has it proven to be worth your time?


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    I use blogger for a link wheel.. and its working good.

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    Sounds like a good idea. I'm using this method often, although I'm building quite some more web.20 sites then just 1. But you have to start somewhere, right?
    Just make sure you don't leave "footprints". Avoid to use the same username when creating web 2.0 pages, don't always use the same template and site structure and so on. I guess you know what I mean. Try to make it look natural and random.
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    It's fine. Put some unique content on it and build that mini site of yours. Answer some related niche questions and put that mini site as your link. It helps.
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    Mini sites that link directly to your money site are a terrific way to gain quality back links. It's only ineffective when you use small link wheels that have poorly spun content on them, with an obvious footprint, and a short 400 word article across all sites.

    A quality mini site is always beneficial though.

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    Hi mate,

    You are on the right track! I would suggest not having one mini blog site, but 5 or even 10 if you can handle it. Post on all of them and every second post back link your site, or one of your inner pages on your site. This can be a very potent tool to help give linkjuice to your money site.
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      You should also utilize other free blogging platforms for this. I have created a couple of blogs with different free blogging sites and it has helped me well in improving my rankings.
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