please correct me if I am wrong

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I have been trying to understand keyword use for several days. This is what I understand,
1 I choose 3-5 keywords at the begining.
2 I type them in keyword tags and tittle. I also type them in home description section (wordpress all in one seo).
3. I write content as much as possible and in every article I add to my site I include those keywords I chose at the begining.
4. I build backlinks to my site icluding my keywords in anchor links.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is making me sick.
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    Sounds good to me!

    Just be sure that all of the content is unique, and that you build a few backlinks to each of your articles.
    The harder I work, the luckier I get.
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    Yes you are correct just make sure your are pointing to the correct page of your site, as Google will read your site four different ways, but appears the same to the user.
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    I am doing that too, make me sick and tired...too
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    That's a good start. Just remember to build links to your sub pages and sprinkle in related keywords.keywords

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    briliant method mate. it's good strategy.
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