What to do when you can't get Indexed?

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I have a site that should have been indexed by now but after two weeks, it has not been. I have used all the usual ways to get indexed (ie: bookmarking, etc..) Any suggestions?
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    Be patient.

    nothing to see here.

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    You'll find some useful info here http://www.google.com/addurl

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    ping your site by doing this:

    1. go to cubestat and enter your site address
    2. grab the link and ping it with pin-o-matic
    3. ping it to pingler
    4. added to jumptags
    5. then do the same with just your site URL
    6. wait
    7. index

    hope that helps

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    If you have done nothing wrong for your site to be in Google's bad books, then you should not worry at all. If it is a new site, it may not be indexed that fast.

    Just keep adding content and gaining backlinks from high authority sites and the indexing will follow naturally. You do not have to do anything extraordinary.

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    The only site that I wasn't able to get indexed after 2 weeks was a domain that had previously been de-indexed by Google and dropped by the owner to eventually get registered by an unsuspecting me.

    Perhaps the same thing happened to you, perhaps not. But you can use the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine and any other reverse engineering types of research to check if it used to be a registered domain.

    I am Nero. Sup.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I have done most of all suggested. Andy hit it on the head ... patience is key. The thing is, I have never had to wait this long ... oh well.
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    Most of my sites are indexed by google after two three days I submit a google sitemap. Use pingler to ping your site.

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    Check your On page as well as the content should be unique. If you have already done link building then you should wait for sometime also. Or you can share the site here. Hope we can suggest better after seeing.
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    Check the backlink history of the site, it may have been penalized before you registered it. If you open a webmaster tools account you can submit a recon request, so long as your site matches google's TOS
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