Google Analytics API and Executive Dashboard Development

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Hi forum, I've been in and out of S.E.O. for a while but I wanted to bring up a question now that my client is circling around again.

My client wants an neat, consolidated executive dashboard of key statistics, comparisons, and trendy charts on one page. Year to date, I've been using Excel to format the data and record the weekly/monthly stats which I pull off of Google Analytics. I could handle this in the beginning but I'm quickly realizing how much time I'm wasting just doing data entry stuff from GA.

I would stick to using GA and just show the client that platform but there are certain restrictions I can't seem to get around: Showing more than 2 trend lines in one graph, showing conversion rate trend lines from each source (and other metric trend lines from each source), measuring Conversion Rate as Conversions/Unique Visitor rather than Conversions/Visits...etc.

I've also tried messing around with the Google Analytics API and I think I will go back to studying that and seeing if I can build a custom executive dashboard that way but I'm wondering if there's an alternative solution.

Do you guys simply show your clients the GA dashboard or do you build something a little more custom and consolidated?
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