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hi,Have anyone know about list building?where i can get the free step by step for list building?
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    what exactly you need? List Building or Link Building???
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    Link building

    Link building . i.e. acquiring quality backlinks from other sites - is a major activity for every SEO. Link building is a very time-consuming process you can speed with the right tools, such as the Backlink Builder tool. Not all backlinks matter, as you will learn in the Link Building Mistakes article.
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    The easiest way to build a list building is...

    1. Build an optin page
    2. Give free report in exchange of the opt-in
    3. Promote the optin page, with your forum signature, article marketing, adfly, youtube
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    I have a free guide which you are welcome to. Alternatively if I am mor ethan welcome to offer some live 1-1 help but would need to know more to get started.

    Do you have a website?
    Do you have a product? Your own or someone else's?
    Do you have an auto responder?
    Do you know how to use/implement any of the above?

    What is your niche?

    Feel free to add me on skype and hopefully I can set you on the right track

    P.S. Which part of KL are you from? Don't see that many of us from KL on WF. Welcome
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    When ever you build a website it needs promotion the term is know as Internet Marketing and In internet marketing, SEO is process in which link building is a strategy to get quality links for your website, it just increasing the reputation of your website.

    In link building you put your website link to high traffic and quality website where you can gain recognition of your product. Link buidling done through the Press Release, Articles, Directory, Business Listing, Video promotion etc.
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