Do Forum Backlinks Really Help?

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Just wondering how the forum backlinks going for you guys?

Mine is slowing down a tad bit - but I have to be more active in backlinking other different ways...
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    Yes, I've noticed that since I posted on forums it has really helped. I highly recommend it. Just make sure you use good anchor text like eliza1 did
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    Terry Kyle has a big thread over at TrafficPlanet in the "Live Case Studies" section where he's testing out forum profile links. So far, the results have been pretty dismal. Some people still claim to get a boost from them when linking thousands of them to their tier2 sites, but they have definitely lost the power they once had.

    However, placing contextual links in forum posts themselves or in your signature (if you are an active forum member) still seems to have some benefit.
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      as with all things - compared to what? Forum profiles are the bottom of the rung when it comes to link building. The skunk of link building. They are weak, leave a large footprint, buried so deep in sites they pickup almost none of the juice from say the home page and get deleted at a very high level.

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    Yeah they are very good for your site if utilized properly.Forums back links also instantly increases your traffic.But along with back links they are great for sharing knowledge and obtaining ideas.
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    Yeah definitely the forums links is very good if it is do follow , and the forum is relevant to your niche...
    The forums can also give traffic ...
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  • If you have the time to devote to forum backlinks I think they do work. I got to PR 2 using them, and only 1 rank below PR 1. I haven't really even begun to use others yet either. Bottom of the rung or not, they are working for me.
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    Posting in forums will help you get more traffic.

    As far as getting more links, some forums offer "do follow" links while others are "no follow" links. Forums generally receives high traffic. So when you are using yur website as signature it is always beneficial for your website to get some traffic to your website. And if the Signatures are 'Dofollow' then it will help in getting some rank benefit for your website as well.
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      Forum backlinks really help in getting traffics to your site as long as you also make a related post to the threads and also needs you to be active also in the forum.
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    Depends if they are related, authority, niche specific, spammed, etc.
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    If nothing else it helps diversify your link profile, certainly not a bad idea.
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    If you choose several you niche forums and add signature to them, then it will definitely help your rankings, though thousands of forum profile links on not related niches won't be so beneficial.
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    yes forum is good back link source.
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      Yes, Forum backlinks are good, for backlinks diversification.
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  • Profile picture of the author Openxcell Inc
    It is good for promoting the product and services. It will help you to get more client and customer to your business.

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    They are helpful, but since they are usually of low or zero pr. Some good work is required.
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    they can be very beneficial, but you need lots of them..
    best used if you link to your web2.0 sites (that link through to your money site)
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  • Profile picture of the author frankblack
    I've just started using this technique, so I haven't been able to tell if it has been helping. I did notice that most of the "a" tags in signatures have the nofollow attribute -- does this make a difference?
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    Yeah it really helps! Just be active on posting relevant comments in each and every forum you joined with.
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    Yes, it is really help. I used to rank with forum links only, but with medium keyword competition, you need add more type in your SEO game. You can check my report to know more about this type of backlink and how to use it.
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    Forum backlinks are not a useful tool for directly assisting in SEO efforts. Most forum posts and signatures will be categorized as NoFollow thus eliminating any PageRank benefit. There is a way to generate some positive PageRank nods to your target website using a forum. But first, it is worth mentioning the benefit that a forum link can provide in spreading your reach. If you see it solely as a push to gain PageRank and authority, then it won't help you out any. Getting your message in front of other people gives them an opportunity to be propagate it that was not present before. In that respect, it can still be useful to promote material in social areas to urge it to a bigger audience.
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    Yes forum signature link is really great backlinks moreover you can also make a anchortext at forum visitor massage.
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    Forum backlinks do really helps us a lot in increasing our page rank and increasing traffics to our sites..
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    Forum profiles have lost a lot of their umph. However, in large numbers they are still great for blasting tier 2 properties and in smaller numbers increasing anchor text diversity for pages on your money site.
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  • Profile picture of the author Yudhistira Mauris
    I would suggest to use forum profiles for tier 2 sites. I am also still learning forum profiles. I am considering to subscribe to Angela's and Paul's forum profile list to test whether this works or not
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    yes do-forum links helps to increase website PR
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    Forum links dont carry as much weight as other links but the are useful as part of a linkbuilding campaign

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    I think they do work to a certain extent. I find profile links are good for short term boosts for example if my rankings are lacking a bit and I need a top spot in google for a product that is about to come out a blast of profile links usually gives a short term increase.

    I think they also work long term but only if they are part of a varied link profile. Example - If you have 50 links from articles, 50 links from blogs, 50 link exchanges and then you add 50 profile links, i usually find that brings more solid rankings than profile links on their own.
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  • Profile picture of the author Buum
    It all depends as users mentioned. I calculated the profits from forum backlinks and I limited it only to manual backlinks on high quality forums. I was using some tools like SickSubmitter but the results where not good enough. However tool is not bad.
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  • Profile picture of the author Yeeee Ha
    Yes they do work. But for their low backlinking power don't go overboard with them.

    I generally use them to link to tier 2 sites.
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  • Profile picture of the author roadies9
    yaa,backlinks are the best way to get quick traffic
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