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by jvm127
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Would someone please offer some advice or an opinion...

For the last month I have been writing unique articles and posting them to blogs with good anchor text and backlinking to my site using SEO Link Robot, No Hands SEO, Social Monkee, and posting to higher PR blogs manually. Still, when I log in to SEOMOZ it shows only 9 backlinks - I'm pretty sure they are all from Social Monkey. Strangely, even though my links are not showing up, my ranking for my main keyword is moving up considerably. It was not ranked in the top 100 two weeks ago. Last week it was #51 and this week it is #32. So obviously something is working. The only changes I have made were a little on-site SEO to clean up the tags and make the content a little better and I just did that two days ago. Can anyone offer advice how I might have gone wrong or why the links might not be showing up?

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    There is your answer "backlinking to my site using SEO Link Robot".You might have been black listed.
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      That would make sense if my website wasn't showing up in the search engines but like I said it is steadily moving up. The links are just not showing up when SEOMOZ does a link analysis. Why would building backlinks and using SEO Link Robot cause me to be blacklisted anyway?
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      Originally Posted by webworm View Post

      There is your answer "backlinking to my site using SEO Link Robot".You might have been black listed.

      What the?! Where did you get that kind of answer?!

      To jvm127, your backlinks have been indexed if you built them month ago. It's just that all backlink checking tools will not give you the full report about your backlinks.

      Another thing is, all backlink checker tools are not all accurate in giving information. So don't be confuse my friend. As you've noticed, your ranking is moving up. So there's no need to worry.


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    SEOMoz won't show you many backlinks, particularly for a relatively new site.

    There is no tool that can show you all your backlinks, but the two best ones I've used are:

    Majestic SEO : Site Explorer
    Ahrefs - Backlinks & SERPs Research Tool

    You should find many more backlinks with these sites.
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    Try to check your backlinks with the help of google analytics tool. It will show you accurate results. And as your on page and off page both together shown best results then you do not have to worry for anything.
    But one thing i also think that as from sometime all google panda changes are in favour of off page SEO then how it be possible to see better results with the on page!
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    There is no such tool that shows recent links or all links but still some tool are working well like backlinkwatch, try this tool to check your backlinks.

    Also you shouldn't worry about backlinks of your website even when your ranking going up. you have seen that many website are ranked well with only 2-5 backlinks, because of Google doesn't show all backlinks in search term link:yourdomain.com

    so, just keep working on your website to update it with new content and other onside activities + continue with your linking strategy
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      I'm excited to report my main keyword made the first page of Google this past weekend and remains there. Because of this, I have consistently received 200 - 300 unique visitors per day. That is more than I was getting paying $35/day with PPC.
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    backlinkwatch.com shows no backlinks at all and attempts to sell me services to buy some backlinks.
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    Try using other backlink checker. And if it doesn't still shows more backlinks, maybe some of your backlinks are not yet indexed.
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    Why aren't you using Google Webmaster Tools by the way which can be a reliable way of learning about the latest linking stats of domains over the net? If you haven't done so already, perhaps it is a great time to create your Google account and then add your website to the Webmaster Tools and after a while you will be able to find links which as you have mentioned, have been just added to your site. I also believe that your links are gradually helping your web rankings.

    Constant improvement in your web positions can be one logical way of telling your packs if incoming links are generating the effects. If your selected niche is light and not very competitive, even a few incoming links will be enough to ensure top ranks soon. Now that the Yahoo Site Explorer is gone, using Google Webmaster Tools can be the recommended approach towards learning about web status online. Keep building links for your site and also try remaining patient.
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  • can try Market samurai. If you need any help can contact me with your KW and url . I chk for you
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      Originally Posted by triobacklinkbuilder View Post

      can try Market samurai. If you need any help can contact me with your KW and url . I chk for you
      Thank you for the offer. I downloaded Market Samurai and I don't know how to find the part that shows backlinks. I did find a part that will show ranking by keyword but it only shows the top 10. I wonder if there is a way to show more than that?
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    backlinks checker are a bit slow most of the time...

    as someone mentioned before webmaster tools is a reliable source to find your backlinks!
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    I've always used SEO Spyglass and love it. It's $100 though..
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      Originally Posted by jalicia18 View Post

      ahrefs.com [slash] site-explorer try this one. I just discover it today in other thread in this forum, it's good.
      Thanks a lot! That's the first one that actually shows any links. Sadly, most of them are not of any quality but it does show 41 - a bunch of which were just showed as indexed yesterday. I have been working at this hard enough that I'm certain I should be near 1k links by now. I hope I'm not doing all this work the wrong way.
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