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I'm working on a site currently and have keyword optimization down but trying to learn backlinking. Luckily I'm good at writing and don't have to pay somebody for articles... but would it be very effective to pepper Squidoo with articles of my niche and use it for backlinking?


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    Squidoo can be a good backlink as can other web2.0 properties. However, before you invest a lot of time you may want to make sure that the Squid will allow you to link to the desired site. In some cases even if you have a quality site, if Squidoo deems it undesirable because of the topic or type of site it is, it will not allow you to publish your lens when you have a link to the site in the lens.

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    I've tried squidoo a month ago with my new venture and it worked. Besides SEO it also brought some traffic.
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    Build a Squidoo lens 2 weeks ago for one of my niche sites - the results from traffic passing through after 3 days, i swear by a squidoo lens for every website and for my major topics.

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    If you decide to use Squidoo be sure you are willing to spend some time on it. For best results you should try and spend some time getting involved with the community. Comment on other lenses and things like that so you'll get more traffic coming to your lense.

    Squidoo is almost like its own social network filled with articles.
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    Squidoo can be great for backlinks and generating traffic to your offers. Be sure your articles are all relevant and unique and use pictures (that you have rights to use) whenever possible. Pictures always bring interest. Good luck.
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    Yeah, squidoo and other 2.0s work for backlinks. I wouldn't exceed more than 1,000 words for an article - you'll probably be fine with ~500 words. You might even be able to get away with spun content to save you some time. A squidoo link(s) alone probably won't be enough to see results, you should think about backlinking your articles with profile links / blog comments. It can be powerful if done right.
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    Sweet! I appreciate it guys!! Big help!

    And if any of you have a sec to visit my squeeze page... I'd appreciate some harsh critisism =P Just wondering how I can improve on the page.. Thanks again!

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    ^ Nice squeeze page. The lime green text is a bit off-putting though, so I would suggest something more neutral like regular black and a smaller font (or easier to read font like Arial).
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    Squidoo actually can get ranked quickly by Google. I have plenty of first and second page lenses. The key is to include lots of original knowledge in the introduction text module. It can be a great source of backlinks over time, but you will need to build up the lens first.
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    Squidoo works but you have to stay active and update your lens(es) once in while so they are still promoted.
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    you have to make a number of good lenses to make a good amount of traffic
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    So, is that means Squidoo just bring the traffic but not backlinks?
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    Squidoo Lense require time to achieve goals you need to explore with high quality lense content including better network so your lense can be more popular
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    I have a few lenses and have seen a good increase of traffic, but again you have to keep them updated on a regular basis or they slip down the rankings, it is working for me!

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    Squidoo is good for links and traffic as described above. But I have also some bad experience with it. Some of the lenses with original, high quality content were marked as spam for unknown reason. It just happens.
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    If you provide your article link in squidoo then it be helpful for your site to get more backlinks. As you might have heard about the link wheel. In that many of the people what do that they create squidoo lens and in that they provide their article link to get more backlink and this be helpful with the crawling purpose also. But be sure for the content you provide has to be unique and meaningful and give suitable title so that people can reach to your content as just creating content is not enough but it is also important to get people to read it and you can get it just by the effective title.
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    Yess Squiddo could could be great source of backlinks for those who are great at writing articles. I think if you are good article writer than you can join that site and get much backlinks. Squiddo has proven good for me also
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    As long your purpose for Squidoo is to create a quality lens that can meet their standards (and not spam), for sure you will get quality backlinks there.
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    As far as backlinks is concern squidoo is the best!
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    squidoo back link is very strong back link to other back link
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