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I'm planning to start as a clickbank affiliate (normal product, no scam). I'm planning to buy EMD.

- My keyword is Best "xxx" software

- It generates 6600 exact local month searches.

- I will add 2 more related keywords, which both make around ~2000 local month searches

First page is mainly with PR1-4 sites.

1) Yahoo answers
2) Yahoo answers
3) Youtube
4) pcguide.com
5) niche site (keywords are related, not EMD), but only few backlinks
6) softpedia
7- 10) forum threads

Is it worth trying? Since only 1 website has title,h1 and meta tags with the same keywords. How long would it take to overtake yahoo answers, if I build 25 related backlinks per day?

And other question: Should I make articles related to my other keywords
and then backlink those articles with the keywords? Or I backlink mainly home-page and sometimes inner pages?

Hope you understand, thanks!
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    Anything that doesn't cost money is worth trying my friend.

    Give it a shot, and if all else, hire outsourced labor if your time is too valuable.
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    I even think that is pretty much worth trying, but make sure that it is profitable and you are not breaking any rule.

    How many backlinks do the first 10 results have? From what I see, it is pretty obvious that they doesn't have a lot of backlinks.
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    That's definitely worth trying. Espcially looking at the top results, you can definitely take down some simple web 2.0 properties with some good seo.
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    Yes, I guess they don't have any backlinks. Maybe few, but not much


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    sounds like a winner to me. looks like you have an easy competition kw. Build more then 25 backlinks per day if you want to get to the top quick!
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    Have you think of a target time for this? I mean for what period of time are you going to try it?

    A way to promote a blog is to submit blog to BlogsAvenue.Com and another site for blog submission is BlogrollCenter.Com.

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    If you believe that your website might get ranked well due to your plans, go for it. It's really worth trying, as long you have a good mindset. Best of all, you have chosen an EMD (exact match domain) that you can register with any domain registrar, because it really helps boost your site's rankings.
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    Thanks for your opinions. I will try then


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