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Hey Guys,

I would appreciate the input of fellow warriors who are earning five figures a month with adsense as this is the target I have set myself.

I have been churning out websites, some do well, some are flops but the more I create and rank the higher my adsense earnings (naturally I guess)

Whilst I am obviously thrilled, I have only been earning for three months or so with adsense but the account was created in 2009 I think. My worry is that if my earnings increase too much there is a greater chance of having my a/c shut down. I'm not doing anything wrong, and my sites have a decent amount of content but the horror stories I have read recently are putting me on the edge.

I expect the response to this will be to diversify (which I am already doing) but my main question is whether I should be aiming this high? as obviously the more traffic you have the higher chance of invalid click activity.

I hope I'm not sounding too pessimistic but wanted to know if it is *safe* to keep creating adsense sites or whether I should stop once I get to a certain limit... they are not all typical MFA sites and all have different templates whilst they are all clickbump style, I have gone for different colours etc...

... if you could share your experiences that would be great.
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    does this mean making a 1page site with useful 500 word content is not acceptable to adsense?

    I mean it in a sense its an article you've published on your own domain. can you have a 1 page site?

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    I wouldn't worry about getting your Adsense Account banned. As long are your sites aren't blatant spam, you shouldn't have a problem.

    That being said - it's always worth diversifying if you can.
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    I have been with adsense for 5 years and I have never gotten banned. I honestly don't believe the stories of people that say, "But I wasn't doing anything". I think they were breaking the rules in some form of fashion. It could have been a minor TOS violation that they thought Google wouldn't mind. After they were paid, they probably expanded more sites with this minor violation to the point it became a big Violation, and Google finally said, "No More". Follow the rules and you won't have to worry.
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    I could not understand why would you set a goal of 5 figure income from adsense, if it's possible i can guarantee you can make 10 times the earning from affiliate commission and selling adspace. I have several blogs and websites, but because i generate my own content and only use high quality content on my blogs, i have few pages that mean less adsense earning (i could not reach the $200 per month yet) but i am making more than $3000 per month with affiliate commission and adspace. be wise and monitize your pages to attract visitors and keeping them not sending them to a website on Google adsense. Logic i think

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