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Coming straight to the point, how long does google take to index a Web 2.0 backlink ?

The reason I am asking is because I was following Ed Dale's challenge videos and I ended up building quite a few web 2.0 backlinks to my blog in one day itself. In fact, in a matter of 6 hours I built roughly 10 of them.

Yesterday I even created a Squidoo Lens with a backlink to my blog on it.

I am confused because the backlink checker tool still says there are ZERO backlinks to my site. Have I been sandboxed? I foolishly realized later that I should have built the links over a longer period of time.

Could this be a problem?
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    It depend alot in your pagerank and the backlink source's pagerank my friend
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      Originally Posted by bh8vn View Post

      It depend alot in your pagerank and the backlink source's pagerank my friend

      Be patient there.
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    It depends. There are several factors that need to be considered when it comes to indexing. However, sometimes your backlinks are already indexed in a short period of time but not showing in any backlink checker tools.

    If you want, you can conduct a little push for your backlinks to get index faster by pinging them or building links to them. To give you an example, you can compile your links in 1 RSS link and you can bookmark them.
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    So how do you check if you have been sandboxed? I was basically showing on page 12 of google before building the backlinks, and I am still on page 12. What does this imply? I am a wee bit confused since this is the firt blog I have made and obviously, the first time I was building backlinks of any sort.
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    And also, in case of manual link building, how many links is it advisable to build in a day? I was under the impression that around 8 to 10 would do, but I guess I may have been wrong.
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    the most effective to get your backlinks indexed by google, you can just ping them and rss them. once a day per backlinks is more than enough because once you ping them , they'll be sent to hundreds of sites at the same time... building web 2.0 properties will work, but in my own personal opinion pinging will work faster

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    Straight answer= within an hour to months.
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    Most of the times Google will index a new website gradually, yes. That is at least what I have observed with most of my websites. The speed at which Google will index all your internal pages will depend on different factors though. If you get some very trusted and relevant backlinks, and on top of that you also have a very efficient internal link structure, all your internal pages will get indexed fast. If, on the other hand, you have very few backlinks and a poor link structure, it might take a while before you get to see all your pages indexed.
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    What backlink checker you use ? because some backlink checker do not provide the latest backlink result for you .

    Beside that you need to check how frequent the website been index because some site do take long time to get index as well.
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    Links don't necessarily get indexed overnight. Also 10 links isn't 'too' many for one day... It is more to do with consistency. Make sure that your properties have decent content on them and that they are optimised with related content and keywords. Then build a few links to those properties. There is no set strategy here. Do a bit of research then test. See what is effective and what isn't.
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    It depends.. even some poor quality links never be indexed..
    since last google changes, I think its more difficult to index certain backlinks like forum profiles.

    More Chi, Train harder!

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      Hey there sir - Do Not Panic! :-) All is well and fine.

      I build a LOT of web 2.0 properties each year and have for the last 3 solid - 50-75 web 2.0 accounts per day 5 days per week - well I dont but my team does. We've done it 52 weeks per year now for almost 3 straight years in April 2012. I say this to let you know - Ive done enough with web 2 sites to give you some advice here based upon real world experience and not just trying to get my post count up here so I can send PM and release a wso.

      Theres a lot of jive in this thread ... so use your brain and parse peoples words carefully.

      1. being on page or position 12 before making these 10 links - then being in the same place after making them is NOT the sandbox my friend - fear not!
      Sites getting into the Sandbox is either going way backwards or disappearing from the top 100 or 1000 serps - but yet still in the index.

      2. Web 2.0 sites back in the day where really good links and still can be. But since they were over run by spammers [ raises guilty hand ] - the googlebot crawlers are less apt to visit the deep bowels of these web 2 properties ... and thats where a new subdomain account created on these platforms is - deep in the guts hidden from google - places like - Posterous - weebly - typepad - livejournal multiply etc ... So now we just all gotta work a little harder to get google to think these pages are of import. And what is the #1 signal to google that a page is of importance and for it to take note of it? Drum Roll ....

      BACKLINKS ...

      3. 10 backlinks is what many people build per second.

      4. If you want google to find and locate and count and recognize the authority of the pages where your links are located - just merely making content exist on the page is not good enough anymore for blog posts on web 2 sites. You need a few posts and you need LINKS pointing to your backlinks [ or the pages where the backlinks live ] ... or you need to build links on pages that google already thinks are important - like pages with PR2-9. Those wont be free or easy.

      5. Ranking pages takes time effort and some $$$ its not as easy as it used to be.

      6. Pinging links is a waste of time - time better spent building MORE links.

      7. Manual link building builds no better quality links than those with tools and automation and its an exercise in futility.

      8. If youre on a budget - try and find some pro marketers that are willing to share their Fiverr secrets - people on fiverr that are good reliable and do quality work and get links built there ...

      ... then of course "index your links" :-)

      I dont like or use fiverr for various reasons - beyond its a den of thieves and low lifes for the most part - jmho - but there are some good gigs on their for the new folks who are on shoestrings - and the worst case scenario is you lose only $5... finding the good folks there amongst the trash is the secret. good luck with that ...

      Lastly - not sure about what was taught about building links but 10 links off web 2's isnt going to help you rank for much other than very very easy terms.

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