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Hey everyone!

Well, I'm new here. I'm looking for some part time job. And I have discovered the PPC. lolz. I'm sure all of you know this one.
I need help on how to promote affiliated links in earning more.

Or maybe if someone here is earning online job you can also share to me.
Thank you..
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    i think odesk is the best.if you wanna part time job.
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    I am unemployed tooo.. please hire me

    just kidding, go to warriors on hire for any work

    You can get something there
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    If you don't want to do IM full-time, that's completely fine. From what I understand, you want to do PPC marketing as a "part-time" job. That's ok, as I said, you don't necessarily need to go full time in order to get good results.

    If you want to learn PPC, this forum is a great source of free information. Sure you can buy paid WSOs to learn it better, but my personal belief, all you need to know is somewhere free on the Internet. Just don't be lazy to do your research.

    - Trev
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    The best places to get part-time jobs:

    1. ODesk
    2. Freelancer

    Or even search in Google "part time jobs".....
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      Plenty of part time jobs offer you can get from ODesk. You need to visit the site regularly and keep watching the updated jobs requirements.
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    For my personal experience, I suggest you to create your own projects (ie. a site to monetize with AdSense).

    I started with PPC systems but when I created my own projects I had much better results.
    This is still my part time bussines, but now I'm not working for other people projects, I'm hiring people to work in my sites.

    More Chi, Train harder!

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    The best place for part time job are odesk, freelancer, scriptlance, elance, getacoder, guru, microworkers etc
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    I don't refer you anything because you are at right place where there is solution of your problem.
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